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The smell of autumn is in the air in Springbank – and unfortunately a bit of smoke. What a wonderful summer we had though, but maybe there is unspoken relief to be almost done with yardwork until spring. Wishing our farmers a bountiful harvest!

It was amazing to see so many residents out at the Fall Fair and Old Tyme Family Dance which are so well-rooted in community tradition.

Thanks to those who stopped by our booth!

Springbank lost a long-time resident last month who was a loyal volunteer for the community, including the Fall Fair dance ‘back in the day’! Others may also know Dixie Bradley from her long tenure as secretary at Springbank Community High School. We have lost so many of those community boosters in the last few years.

The community has really grown from when Dixie’s generation of volunteers worked together to build Springbank: the Park for all Seasons, the community hall, schools, the list goes on! Everyone knew each other and had similar goals. Now, it’s maybe too easy to not know your neighbour. The SCA is trying to change that by going back to some original values with a modern twist. We are creating a neighbourhood council to return to that cohesiveness. We have been searching for representatives from each neighbourhood and/or road so that we have a strong communication network. If you saw our booth at the Fair, we still have issues looming that are causing concerns amongst residents and projects that would improve our community so if we have a council of representatives from each neighbourhood, our voices will become more meaningful to Rocky View County, the Alberta Government and other groups. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us at president@springbankcommunity.com and we will see if we have an opening for your ‘hood!

In this issue, we have updates on provincial projects and our local schools and groups. We also have a submission from our Rural Crime Watch group. Crime has taken a recent spike in our community so please be aware and be safe!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the SCA and Springbank Soccer by buying apples and pears!. You still have a few hours to purchase!

May you all harvest happy times this Autumn!





Apple and Pear Fundraiser

Davison Orchards is committed to farming in a way that preserves our land for future generations. A family run orchard for over 80 years using methods including drip irrigation, mulching, and crop rotation to ensure they are growing food in the most sustainable way possible – for all families near and far.

Springbank Community Association is excited to once again support a fundraiser with purpose.  

Approx. 15lbs box of Bartlett Pears, Gala Apples or Okanagon Apple Blend!

Pick up: September 27, 2022 at the Heritage Club from 3:30 – 7:30pm

Order NOW -  September 14 (TODAY!) deadline






Land Use:

YAY! Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta Transportation have agreed to our request to allow public access to the dam crest and diversion channel edge (similar to the Western Irrigation District Canal in east Rocky View County). As there will be an access road along this corridor, it will be an accessible pathway from one end of the dam to the other. 

Our second proposal is to retain the ~500 acres of land south of the dam to the Elbow River to create a natural public recreation area.  See map below.  We are working hard with Rocky View County, our MLA and AEP to see this become a reality.

Bow River Dam Process

No Updates.


Ring Road

We are getting a pathway along the 17th ave bridge from Calgary to Springbank.  It is underway this week.

Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB)

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board’s growth plan is now in effect: read here.

We point our that the CMRB has not viewed Rocky View County’s applications regarding Springbank favourably over the past couple of years (see image below). We continue to wait on RVC for another kick at the Area Structure Plan(s) for our community that will eventually end up for another review by the CMRB.


Thanks so much to Carla Berezowski and Alberta Indoor Comfort for providing support to the production of our newsletter.




Fire ban is in effect - more information.


We have asked our Mayor to take a look at improving RR33 for traffic flow and safety.  The start and end of school days are chaotic, to say the least, with traffic using Huggard Road as a bypass route.


Road Allowances

A proposed Road Licensing Bylaw was discussed at Council on September 13, 2022. The proposal would give the ability to the CAO to approve or reject license of occupation for County road allowances - read the Bylaw.

Decision: Rocky View County sent the Policy back for more work.  Expect a new timeline of January 2023 before it hits Council’s agenda again.

Both the Community Association and Springbank Trails and Pathways submitted objections to the proposed Bylaw with concerns regarding process & transparency.  All but one letter received by the County requested rejection of the Policy and the one letter noted that the policy should include public review. Read letters submitted to the County - which are excellent.

Way to go, Springbank! We see that community engagement is increasing on these administrative items and hopefully, Rocky View County is taking note!  Special recognition to River Ridge residents who have been engaged on this matter since the beginning!


Springbank Area Structure Plans

We are waiting on the release of public feedback in the next week or so.  It should go out via the Safe and Sound notification process.  We will also include an update in our October newsletter.  

Sign up for Safe & Sound  

On September 13, Administration presented an update on the Area Structure Plan process - read updated timeline.

There will be another round of engagement this fall / winter.


Municipal Development Plan

On September 13, Council heard an update on the Municipal Development Plan (MDP).  The prior plan was rejected by the CMRB.  The CMRB’s new growth plan is not consistent with the MDP proposed by Rocky View County in 2021.

The recommendation by Administration was as follows.

Elbow View Area Structure Plan

On September 13, Council heard an update from Administration on the Elbow View Area Structure Plan (Highway 8).  Administration notes that the Elbow View Area Structure Plan is not consistent with the CMRB Growth Plan. The recommendation by Administration is as follows:

COSTCO / Bingham Crossing

No updates this month.

Survey Reminder: Social Needs Assessment

From Rocky View:   As you may be aware, Rocky View County is completing a Family and Community  Social Needs Assessment to better understand the social needs of its residents,  including youth. The information collected will be used in the County’s decision  making about Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) funding aimed at  enhancing the lives of everyone in the community.   Deadline to complete survey: Friday, September 30, 2022.    Go to survey now!

Additionally, RVC is hosting an in-person session on September 26 at the Heritage Club from 6:00-9:00pm.   Register now.


Thanks so much to Kathleen Burk and RE/MAX for providing support to the production of our newsletter.





Ecole Elbow Valley Elementary School

Elbow Valley is enjoying a successful start to the new school year with a Welcome Back assembly on September 8.  The ceremony included sorting all new students into their House Teams while building a sense of belonging for all students.
They are looking forward to hosting our learning community to a Welcome Back and Meet the Teacher BBQ on September 15 from 4:00-6:00pm.

Springbank High School

Welcome back!  Let’s take a look at some things that are happening this year for students.

With school starting again, so is the fall season of school sports. Students are looking forward to trying their skills at football, volleyball, golf, girls’ soccer, and cross country running this season. As well as sports, the Springbank Robotics Teams are starting the new program challenge which was released on September 10. 

For the Grade 12’s and fast-tracking students, the Alberta Government has re-implemented standardized diplomas weighed at 30% for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Finally, students and staff are looking at a new timetable this year as the 45-minute block in the morning previously used for extra assistance and known as “flex” has been moved to a period before lunch that has been tacked on to third period and is now called “A block”. This block is now considered a part of their third period class and will be used for advisory, lab set-up, test review, and other opportunities. Best of luck to all Springbank students this year!

This month’s scholarship watch is the Heritage Youth Summer Researcher Award (HYRS).  HYRS is an opportunity for Grade 11 students to spend their summer doing biomedical health research. It is a hands on, out of school lab experience run through the University of Calgary and the Foothills Medical Center. More information can be found on the U of C website.







Springbank Soccer Club 

The summer season of soccer is coming to an end and in the next few weeks, indoor soccer registration is open. 

In the past, their summer grassroots programs was coached by parent volunteers, but this summer Springbank Soccer Club tried something innovative.  All the grassroots programs in Harmony and surrounding Springbank were coached by our young adult (teens) girls and boy’s players from the club under the supervision of our Senior coaching staff.  This was a one-of-a-kind initiative in Calgary and surrounding area that is showcased the leadership and coaching skills of the U14 and U17 boys and girls.

Registration for winter is open for grassroots and city league for all ages!

The Grassroots League is modelled after national and international best practices and Canada Soccer Grassroots Standards. The league strives to provide children with a developmentally appropriate playing environment that allows expression, creativity, and development to flourish.

The city league is appropriate for players that soccer is their primary activity and is focused on improving the expression and creativity of players in a competitive but friendly environment.

Please visit their website to register.



Springbank Curling Club - Season Kick-Off

They are getting ready to launch their curling season at the Springbank Curling Club!  The season will kickoff before the end of September, so if you are interested in playing, now is the time to sign up for a league or clinic!

League Curling

Their club runs league curling five nights per week: Monday Ladies, Tuesday Men’s, Wednesday Open, Thursday Oilers, Thursday Mixed, and Friday Night Fun League. Some leagues are beginning to fill up, but they have space for everyone who’s looking to get involved.  They can accommodate your entire team most nights and can also hook you up if you’re short a player or if you’re looking to join a team as a single or a couple, find out more here.

Curling Clinics and Camps

They are also excited to offer curling clinics on the weekend of Oct 1 & 2 for all levels of experience.  They offer full-day clinics for Adults and Juniors which include on-ice and off-ice sessions focusing on delivery, sweeping, games, and strategy.  Their first ever Stick Curling Clinic includes training on delivery of curling rocks with a stick as opposed to the conventional crouch/slide method.  The clinics are open to everyone, and you can sign up here.

Launch Party

Please come out and join at the Springbank Icebreaker Lounge on September 24 for their Launch Party!  You can meet up with old and new friends while you enjoy the entertainment and iron out any last details for the curling season with your team.  Curler’s Corner will be setting up a pop-up store so you can update your curling gear, they’ll have some great door prizes to give away, and you can also take the opportunity to find out more about what’s going on this season.  It’s free to register, please take a minute to let them know you’re planning to attend!

Junior Curling

The Springbank Junior Program is for curlers ages 8-18 with all levels of experience.  Their program runs Saturday morning from 10:00am to 12:00pm and is designed to introduce novice junior curlers to curling and to teach them the current rock delivery and sweeping techniques.  Curling equipment - grippers, sliders and brooms are available for use, free of charge. To register, please email sbjuniors14@gmail.com.

Curling is a great way to meet people and make friends while playing a sport you can play for a lifetime.  Please visit their website to find out more or to sign up!

Springbank Rawhides 4-H Club

Re-organization-Registration meeting:  Friday, Sept 16, 2022, 6:30 PM
Springbank Equestrian Park Club house, 25 Robinson Road.
Open to all youth interested in 4-H, ages 9-12 as of Dec 31, 2022.

Members learn meeting management and vote on club executive, plan club activities, parties and more. Communication is a key aspect of 4-H. Members must participate in a communication activity within the club, ie, a speech or a presentation. Is your child shy and in need of more out of school friends?  4-H is a place for children to develop new skills.

Current projects offered are equine and canine, though photography, crafts and archery would be considered based on interest levels. Adult leadership is also required for all projects for the 2022-2023 project year.

Time commitment is one business meeting per month plus separate group instructional clinics based on projects and family schedules. 

Membership fees are $120.00 per year for project books, and 4-H membership fees.  Instructional clinics and other activities are not included in this price.

For more information on 4-H , see Alberta 4-H web site or contact Norma Ansloos, Head Leader, 403-850-3953.

Springbank Ladies Time-Out

Visit their Facebook page or email for more information!





With the heat this summer, some cool treats may have been consumed!! Here is a story connecting a familiar Cochrane name to Springbank.

            Alex Mckay came from Scotland to Calgary with his father at the age of twelve and attended school in Calgary. After he finished school, he went to work for Goddards on the Bow River Horse Ranch. He was later made manager, a position he held for a number of years. Alex then managed the Merino Ranch for Countess Butma, for a number of years. He married Annabelle Quigley, and while at the Merino Ranch, a son James was born. (…) James served in WWII and upon his return, purchased his store in Cochrane, and is now famous for his ice cream.

Chaps and Chinooks, Vol I, p. 299





Do you know what to tell the Police when you call in a complaint or suspicious activity?

They have asked and continue to support the reporting of suspicious activity to assist Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies with information to do their work and keep our Communities safe. Have you ever thought about what you would need to observe and make a note of before making that call?  Within are a few tips to help you help the Police. 

Think of the 5 W’s – Who, What When, Where and why and don’t forget How!

Who- Are you? You will get asked these questions when calling in; please be cooperative and provide this information as it provides valuable information to build the file with you as the complainant, victim or witness. 

What – Are you calling about? – Break and Enter, Suspicious Vehicle/Person, etc.  Note details about the vehicle, license plate, number of people in the vehicle. If it is travelling, which way did it go?  Look past the glass and make note of the people, if you can.  When noticing people note height, skin color, hair color, what they were wearing, items that stuck out such as tattoos, clothing etc.  Were they carrying anything?  DO NOT BE A HERO AND CONFRONT a possible perpetrator. 

When – did it happen – provide a time or approx. time if able.  Did it just happen; did you just notice this; noticed a situation a couple of days ago and didn’t think much of it?

Where – did it happen - where are you now if not in the same vicinity?  Did this happen on your property, neighbor’s property, side road, field? Did you have the opportunity to take a picture?  Do you know your Legal Land Description and Municipal Address?  Do you have these written somewhere for easy recall?  

How – did it happen – break a window;  drove up in a vehicle; fences down or gates opened; vehicle tracks in/out of property; broken garage door, etc. 

It is handy to have a small notebook and pen/pencil in your vehicle, tractor, on your bike, etc. so as to capture these details and be able to relay them to Police.  This is also handy to have for recall should you be asked questions, by the Police, later on, as they build their case file. This is the second “r” in Observe, Record, and Report. 

Did you know the RCMP and Rocky View County Enforcement Services have an on-line reporting tool if you are not comfortable calling into your Area’s Reporting line (Cochrane 403 932 2211).

To learn more about Rural Crime Watch and CFPA, or to become a member, check out their website.

Should you wish a presentation on a Crime Prevention topic, for your Community Group, email now!












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