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We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for living in Springbank, even though lately we have been experiencing difficulties related to construction projects fringing our community.

Let’s be thankful for the best of “both worlds” we enjoy by being in close proximity to the city, but also by having space. Let’s recognize that we are going to see changes in our community because of that city proximity, but let’s make the best of it just as previous generations did when they experienced the evolution of this landscape.

Chaps and Chinooks features a club formed 70 years ago that made a mandate of bringing the community together for the betterment of Springbank. Let’s keep that mandate for Springbank!

We had our inaugural meeting of what we are calling the “Neighbourhood NetWork” to bring the different areas of our community for better communication and collaboration of ideas. Read Board member, Stu Pritchard’s article for further information.

The Park for All Seasons is a busy place now with the ice in full use. Check out the Curling Club activities, as well as the Heritage Club and Ladies Time Out. Scroll to read more about an exciting community travel opportunity to Croatia and Venice next Spring.

Our schools are also busy, of course! Read our Youth Board Member’s submission on her impressive summer position and our informative school trustee’s report.

See you October 19 at Springbank Links Golf Course for our AGM! We are finally back on track from all the covid delays.

Our sympathies are extended to the Wills family and Astley family for the loss of their loved ones.

Until next month, All the best!






October 19, 2022
Springbank Links Golf Course


Approval of 2021 Minutes
Society Reports 
Approval of 2022 Financial Report

We will not hold elections this year, as all our Board Members are in place through to the 2023 AGM. 

At the end of the meeting, we will have time for Q&A and socializing! 



Neighbourhood NetWork

An inaugural meeting of the new Neighbourhood NetWork of the Springbank Community Association (SCA) launched, October 5, 2022.  The intent of the Neighbourhood NetWork is to collect information and disseminate it back to the community in a timely and structured format with the intent being that together we are strong. The SCA wants to build and establish the Neighbourhood NetWork so that the SCA becomes the recognized voice for the Springbank community with the County and Province.

The Neighbourhood NetWork was created initially to include the main populated areas of Division 1 and 2 of Rocky View County.  It has now been delineated by the area north of the Transcanada Highway between the western city limits and east of Highway 22, and the greater Springbank area which includes south of the Bow River to north of the Elbow River and west from the City boundary and east of Highway 22.

The inaugural session gathered representation from close to 40 individual neighbourhoods which at the outset represents an impressive turnout.  Next steps are to recruit more neighbourhoods and designate more NetWork Leaders for the neighbourhoods that were not represented at the initial meeting.  

Very quickly a roster of the NetWork Leaders representing each community pocket will be established, a digital communication method for outreach and response will be firmed up and, with that in place, issues and concerns within the Springbank Community Association scope will very quickly and most efficiently be addressed with the power of the entire community behind it.

Stu Pritchard, SCA Board, Member At Large



Thank you from KOAC
Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre

With your help = $82,285 raised!!

Situated in Springbank, Rocky View County, Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre hosted the Harry Kiyooka Memorial Fundraiser on September 17, 2022, to celebrate the life and works of the late Harry Kiyooka, KOAC co-founder.  With the warmth of a late summer’s evening and vistas of the mountains, friends and supporters of KOAC enjoyed an evening of art-in-nature.  With a rare glimpse into Harry’s personal studio, tours of KOAC’s prestigious collection of outdoor sculptures, and a silent auction hosting a list of contemporary artists, one felt the sanctuary and rejuvenation that nature provides. These funds will be used for KOAC’s Artist Residency program, public tours, workshops, and environmental stewardship of 8 hectares (20 acres) of natural woodlands and grasslands. 

Katie Ohe, sculptor and co-founder

Learn about the KOAC story


Thanks so much to Carla Berezowski and Alberta Indoor Comfort for providing support to the production of our newsletter.




West Rocky View is under a fire advisory - for more information.

Rocky View County has launched a new service for residents. Visit my.RockyView.ca to learn more.


Approved Treatment Centre in Commercial Court

A private inpatient / outpatient clinic was approved for Commercial Court (adjacent to the bottle depot building).  Based on the website, it will treat alcohol and drug addictions along with other mental health illnesses including PTSD, depression, bipolar & eating disorders, sex addictions & more. The proposed facility will have room for 40 clients, with an average stay of 30 days (according to the public documents).  The owner of the property, Opus, offered assurance that this facility is not going to be a problem in the community.   There is a similar facility in Renfew and we reached out to Renfrew Community Association to see how this facility operated in the community.  Overall there have been no issues, but they commented that community engagement was initially lacking.

The company that will run the facility is Edgewood Health.

This application was NOT circulated by the community and we did not know that it was under consideration.  According to the rules of outdated Policy 327, it was only circulated to 17 adjacent landowners in Commercial Court.  A year ago, we asked the County to update the circulation policy to expand notice parameters and also include community groups, but without success.

Read the public information.

The application was rejected by administration on July 7, 2022 on the basis that the clinic did not meet the definition of "outpatient", which is a required element of the approved Commercial Court land use "Care Facility (Clinic)". 

The County's view was that suitable uses for outpatient clinic are "medical and dental offices, health care clinics, pre-natal clinics and counseling services."  RVC admin thought that "inpatient" was a more suitable definition for the services provided and that the application then require "Care Facility (Medical)" land use designation which is not an approved use for Commercial Court and would require a land use change (and would have gone to Council).

The applicant appealed the decision on the basis that their clinic actually fits the term "outpatient".  This appeal went before the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board on August 11, 2022.  The Appeal Board agreed with the applicant and overturned RVC's decision, thus allowing the permit to be issued.

Watch the video of the discussion at the Appeal Board.

We have reached out to Opus regarding community engagement and requested that Edgewood conduct an open house / information session so that we can learn about how this business will interact with our community.   We are waiting to hear back.

To be clear, the Community Association does not have an opinion on this particular proposal.  We are not for or against a treatment / counseling centre in Springbank.  However, we do support improved community engagement in advance of applications being sent before decision makers. This will require both the County and developers to take our community seriously.

To express concerns about the lack of community engagement, please contact:

Don Kochan (Mayor) - 587-435-7172; DKochan@rockyview.ca

Kevin Hanson (Div 1 Councillor) - 403-463-1166; KRHanson@rockyview.ca


Bingham Crossing

Bingham provided an update this month - Available to read.


Highway 8 Corridor

On November 1, 2022 a special Council meeting will address an application at RR33 & Highway 8 to change from Agricultural to 4 acre parcels. Deadline for submissions:

Public Hearing Written Submission Deadline: 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Public Hearing Audio/Video Submission Deadline: 12:00 p.m., Monday, October 31, 2022

Submissions may be made via email to legislativeservices@rockyview.ca referencing bylaw C-8302-2022

For more information


Springbank Area Structure Plans

Our waiting continues! Still no updates on this project.

However, we did meet with new RVC Chief Administrative Officer, Dorian Wandzura, and one concept proposed as a “design standards” overlay for the Area Structure Plan.

Residents are concerned about how Springbank will look - aesthetically - over time. Development in Springbank is inevitable, but we want it done well. New commercial developments, such as Bingham, with large tenants (proposed Costco) will challenge our community.  Do we want the Highway 1 corridor to look like Balzac?  No, we don’t. By applying design standards to commercial and new residential developments, we can maintain and promote quality developments in the Springbank area. We will continue to discuss this potential “overlay” with Rocky View County and will be looking to the community for feedback.


Thanks so much to Kathleen Burk and RE/MAX for providing support to the production of our newsletter.





Discovery Corner Preschool

Discovery Corner Preschool has been enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  They had an exciting visit from the RCMP.
Constable Nathan and Constable Clayton talked about being what they do and how they keep our community safe. They also talked to the students about Halloween safety. The students were also allowed to tour the police cars.  They learned how to turn on the sirens and the lights!


Springbank High School

This summer I participated in the Heritage Youth Researcher Scholarship or HYRS. This is 6-week award based out of the University of Calgary focused on bio medical research experience for grade 11 students. Each student is given a different research project that is tailored to their specific career interests and is paired with a mentor in that area. My project was on sodium and potassium’s effects on cardiovascular health and the ways in which to measure the impacts. I spent my six weeks researching published studies that contradicted each other about the results of over consumption of sodium and the effects that the differing opinions could have on public health.
Another part of the scholarship is a weekly lab tour of one of the labs at the University of Calgary. Our cohort was able to tour the Kinesiology Lab, the Surgical Skills lab, NeuroAlberta presentation, the Microscopy Lab, and the Biomedical Engineering Lab.
The image above is of two mice brains, one of which as had the pigments cleared out of it to create a certain type of image on a microscope. The final aspect of HYRS is the end research symposium. Over the course of the scholarship students are required to create a poster outlining their research which they present in a symposium to their peers, all of the mentors, and other university officials. Overall, HYRS was a wonderful step into the world of research and a great experience for a grade 11 student to have unprecedented access to the minds of many researches as well as the inner working of the labs at the University of Calgary.
Jordan Inverarity, Board Member and Springbank High School student




Over the summer, RVS operations team had been busy upgrading our schools for the benefit of students and keeping our schools modern and well maintained.

Some of the projects:

  • Springbank Middle School cafeteria was changed to a makerspace/robotics classroom and additional multi-use space.
  • Elbow Valley School lagoon
  • Springbank High School foods room renovation
  • Windsong Heights School outdoor classroom project
  • Major renovations at Burt Church High School, George McDougall High School
  • Fireside School landscaping upgrade
  • Cochrane High School artificial turf project

Schools are back in full swing.  Students are happy to return to in person classes without restrictions.  Rocky View Schools has grown by over 1,000 students this year.  Trustees met with the Minister of Education to press for more schools indicating the dire need in the division.

Almost all schools had a welcome back celebration event for families.

The Terry Fox Run was completed at schools. It was an opportunity for kids to stay fit and support a good cause.

In June 2021, the Government of Canada declared Sept. 30 will now be recognized as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action 80. This is an important day to reflect and recommit to the work of truth and reconciliation, both individually and as a school division.

This year, Sept. 26-30 will be known as Truth and Reconciliation Week. This week will honour Every Child Matters and Orange Shirt Day and provides flexibility for schools to select at least one school day during that week to recognize Orange Shirt Day with students while learning about the history and legacy of residential schools.

For Parents of students who have children with special needs the following links may be helpful:






Crafts, Chat and Coffee Group

Are you 50 years or older and  looking to spend a few hours crafting and or chatting? Become a member of the Springbank Heritage Club and join this group! Some say it is the best day of the week for them!

Every Wednesday from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the Springbank Heritage Centre.

Bring your own project to work on, participate in the weekly project offered or just visit and enjoy a coffee.  Or maybe you have a project to share or instruct?  It can be crafts, knitting, crocheting, painting, exercise, yoga, cooking class, whatever as we’d love to try something new!   We have a wonderful facility to accommodate these activities.  Snacks are always welcome.

If you are interested in attending, or joining please email Janice for more information and she will add you to the list to receive the weekly email reminder with notifications of upcoming projects and supplies needed. 

We look forward to seeing you! 


Wine and Paint and Barnwood Night!
Nov. 9 @ 7:00pm
Springbank Heritage Centre

Painting on donated barnwood!
Bring your own wine and supplies
Sign up today!



Springbank Curling Club - Season Kick-Off
It’s exciting to be back on the curling ice, the rink is alive with the sounds of rocks smashing while skips encourage their sweepers to “Hurry Hard!” and there are plenty of opportunities for you to get out and play.

Drop-in Curling is available six Saturday nights this season, the first one is on Saturday October 15 at 7pm.  This is an opportunity to try out the sport, play a regular game or try Mixed Pairs curling, and you don’t have to be a member of the curling club to participate.  You can register on our website at Springbank Curling Club - Upcoming events.

Our popular Junior Curling Program runs on Saturday mornings starting October 15 - 10am-12pm.  It’s open to anyone from age 8 to 18, and is a great way to introduce young players to the game who are interested in the sport.  The program is led by qualified instructors who provide coaching and skills training, and each week concludes with a game to practice the skills and have some fun along the way.  Springbank Curling Club is an enthusiastic supporter of the Calgary Youth Curling Association and our coaches are available to support Junior teams in these and other events throughout the winter as well.  Email to to sign up!

We are excited to bring the Sportsmen’s Bonspiel back again this year on November 26 and 27.  Each team is guaranteed to play at least three games - all on Saturday and Sunday - and we expect to play for some excellent prizes.  The entry fee is $350 per team and includes a minimum of three games as well as an excellent dinner on Saturday night.  Email to register

Swamp Donkey Musical Theatre
Upcoming Performances
Springbank Ladies Time-Out

Visit their Facebook page or email for more information!





On October 15, ten of our Duke of Edinburgh participants will receive their Bronze certificates.  Over the past year, these young people have contributed more than 150 volunteer hours to our local communities, they have followed their passions for sports and fitness, and each has developed a new skill.  We are proud of these youth and thank them for contributions to our communities and celebrate their commitment to their personal growth.  

The weekend of September 26, some of the Duke of Edinburgh youth joined the Royal Astronomical Society at the Annual Star Gazing Party in the Drumheller area. 

This camping adventure allowed our youth to see the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, the Andromeda galaxy and some of the Messier star clusters.   





The History of the Springbank Men’s Club

A.E. Bateman recounts the projects of a service club formed in 1949. Though named the “Men’s Club” we know that women were important to these projects! The purpose of this club is what we are aiming as the Springbank Community Association. You will see that many of Springbank’s present activities are rooted in this Club’s history.

Some familiar surnames still in our community!

            On the evening of January 10th, 1949, a group of men led by Eugene Leppard, the principal of the Springbank School, gathered together and formed the Springbank Men’s Club…The aims and ambitions of our club were the welding together and the general betterment of the Springbank Community, and during the following twenty-three years the club sponsored nearly every new activity that took place in the district.

            Our first accomplishment was helping the hockey club build a bigger and better outdoor hockey rink with dressing rooms and a lunch counter. The first discussion concerning a roof over the skating rink took place at the Men’s Club meeting on March 28th, 1949. There were many heated discussions over this project and eventually a curling rink was built instead of a skating rink. (…)

            The Men’s Club sponsored their first Sports day in May 1949. Trap shoots were quite successful and in 1951 the turkey shoot showed a profit…Garden plot competitions for school children were sponsored by the Men’s Club for several years starting in 1951…

            In 1951 the Men’s Club started donating trophies to the 4-H dairy and beef clubs. In 1954 we started sponsoring a 4-H Achievement Day in the Curling rink…

(….)      In the winter of 1952-53 we got our curling rink in operation. It was natural ice which was often nearly lost by a chinook, but the curling rink did much to unite Springbank. In 1952 the Men’s Club bore the expense of installing natural gas in the community hall and the curling rink (…)

            In 1958, we rebuilt the skating rink and added dressing rooms. Also in 1958 artificial ice became a reality…

(…)       In 1960 the Men’s Club sponsored their first Gymkhana and this was an annual event until 1967.

(…)       In 1965 the Men’s Club donated $530 to the community association to assist them in hall improvements.

            Early in 1968 plans were started for a new community centre and our Men’s Club gradually faded away and the Curling Club took full charge of the Curling rink while the Park for all Seasons took charge of the other district social activities. We finally ceased operation in 1972.

Chaps and Chinook, Vol I, p. 158-9.



Community Travel Opportunity to VENICE AND CROATIA


Easter 2023 (Apr 6-16, 2023)

Looking to travel somewhere exotic for Easter 2023? How about VENICE AND CROATIA. This 11-day trip will take us on gondolas in Venice & on a secret itinerary of the Doges palace, to stunningly beautiful Croatia where we explore little known gems like the old port in Rovinj (the new Tuscany), Roman Ruins in Pula, Plitvice National Park in Croatia just to give you an idea of this amazing experience. Oh, did we forget to mention nuclear submarine tunnels, Croatia’s Blue Grotto, and zip lining and rafting opportunities? Game of Thrones fans, we didn’t forget you, either. “Winter is Coming” and you’ll be front and center where it all went down in Dubrovnik. This will be the trip of a lifetime!! 

Come join Travel Gals, Mrs. Tara Ong Padilla and Mrs. Erin Tysowski, under the supervision and management of Kenton Zandee, a representative of EF Educational Tours, on this incredible adventure. 

Travel Gals have more than 30 years combined experience travelling with youth and trips ranging from South America, Europe, and Asia.  Come find out more information on Thursday, October 20th at 7pm at the Springbank Links Golf course. If you have questions in the meantime, please email travelgals2023@gmail.com or follow @travelgals2023. Come one come all! This is for families and/or teens and their friends within the Springbank/Harmony/Elbow Valley Communities.

We are looking forward to seeing many faces and answering all your questions.
Mark your calendars:

Thursday, Oct 20 at 7:00pm
Springbank Links Golf Course

Please note that this trip is not affiliated with Springbank Community High School or Rocky View School Division and is being brought forward as a community initiative. 












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