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Spring is in the air in Springbank! Gophers seem to be fully awake and there are other signs of spring appearing. Looking forward to April showers as it is very dry and grassfires are concerning.

Our Annual General Meeting is slated for May 4, 7pm at the Springbank Heritage Club. Get your membership so you can vote on our amended bylaws. Thanks so much to the volunteers who helped us with this!

You may have noticed the official SR1 signs are up on Springbank Road and flanking the project area on Highway 22. They are busy relocating pipelines and removing brush from the area. We have been told by the Alberta Transportation Chief of Staff that we will have a proper liaison soon. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Rocky View County has two ongoing surveys: a general County satisfaction survey which you should have received a postcard in the mail with a PIN code to complete and an ASP survey specific to Springbank. Please make sure you take the time to complete. Make our Springbank voices count!

In this newsletter in addition to our usual school and trustee updates, you can see the success of our local athletes. Congratulations to all who represent Springbank so well! Rounding out the newsletter in Chaps and Chinooks is some history of the original churches in Springbank.

 As we approach Easter, may you all enjoy spring and new beginnings in our community!



Springbank Community Association 
Annual General Meeting

May 4 @ 7:00pm
Springbank Heritage Club

  • Welcome (Call to Order, Quorum, Notice)

  • Adoption of 2020 AGM Minutes 

  • Society Reports

  • Resolution to Adopt 2021 Year-End Financial Statements

  • Resolution regarding financial statement review for 2022

  • Society business:

  • Elections


Everyone is welcome to attend, but to vote you must have a Community Association membership
($5/individual or $10/family)






Our AGM is May 4!

Join us at 7:00pm on May4 at the Springbank Heritage Club for our first in-person meeting in 2 years!  A membership is required to vote. PURCHASE YOUR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP!

We are looking for a new board member to help us with creating our new Community Identity and Marketing portfolio - if you are interested in this role, please email us today!

Community Raffle

We are excited to move ahead with our 2nd annual community raffle!  Tickets will be on sale by May 1.  The proceeds will go to the drama program at Springbank High School (SCHS) and also to new programming within the community.  Tickets will be $20 each and will be available on our website. Look for our amazing drama students in the community as they help to sell tickets! Last year, we delivered a $15,000 cheque to the Robotics program at SCHS.

Attention Program Providers!

The Community Association has retained a programming coordinator to help us plan programs for all ages across the community!   If you are a program provider, please fill out our quick survey so that we can get in touch with you

Duke of Edinburgh

We would love a volunteer with some outdoor expertise to help us out with managing the Duke of Edinburgh leadership program. Please email Judi Hunter if you are interested in helping out.






Alberta Transportation is somewhat behind on the community consultation regarding SR1.  For now the contact is SR1.communityliaison@gov.ab.ca if you have any questions or see happenings in the community.  Please copy info@springbankcommunity if you send emails on the project so that we can keep up to date.

Apparently, Alberta Transportation presented to RVC on SR1 this past week (unbeknownst to us!).  Alberta Transportation was discussing road updates at Highway 22, Township Rd 250, RR40 and RR41. 

READ Summary

READ Letter

SR1 construction is underway. 

  • There is a sump pit at the corner of Township Rd 250 and RR40 which has been required for the moving / removal of pipelines.
  • Massive deforestation at Kamp Kiwanis and the land just south of Kiwanis.
  • Excavators are seen in the diversion channel area.
  • A burn permit has been issued to the Alberta Government for the SR1 lands - we have asked them whether they intend to burn the trees they removed but do not have a satisfactory response.

We have requested from AT - repeatedly - for more information about construction and its impacts on our community.  At this point, we do not know how much land has been acquired, the timing and location of construction activities (including closing of Springbank Rd), whether the air quality monitoring stations are in place and more. 

Work is ongoing relocating pipelines for SR1
Bow River Dam Process

The SCA put in a request to intervene in TransAlta’s Water Charger Battery Storage application at Ghost Reservoir in order to submit comments.  Our comments are as follows:


  1. Alberta Environment and Parks is reviewing three large-scale water storage facilities on the Bow River: 1) Glenbow East in Springbank, 2) New Storage Facility at Morley, and 3) an Expanded Ghost Reservoir. A feasibility study on the three options will be complete in early 2023.

  2. The Battery Storage Project resides in the proposed footprint of the expanded Ghost Reservoir, as confirmed by email from AEP to Mr Eddie Behm on March 1, 2022.

  3. Each of the Bow Basin water projects are massive infrastructure investments with capital costs of approximately $1 Billion each. 

Questions for AUC

  1. Should the AUC consider the impact of the approval of TransAlta's battery facility on the AEP Bow Basin Decision? For instance, if the TransAlta project goes ahead, will it preclude the Expanded Ghost Reservoir from proceeding or otherwise impact the decision on the Expanded Ghost Reservoir by AEP?  
  2. Should the AUC defer the decision on this application by TransAlta until 2023 when the Feasibility Study report on the three alternatives described above is issued?  
  3. Should the AUC consider the costs to decommission and remove the Battery Project from the Expanded Ghost Reservoir footprint?

101st / Ring Road

Unfortunately, we have had very little success on 101st.  We have tried and tried again to gain any traction on the closure of the 101st access from Highway 8 into Springbank.  We aren’t giving up, yet, but Alberta Transportation is not at all receptive to our concerns.


Thanks so much to Carla Berezowski and Alberta Indoor Comfort for providing support to the production of our newsletter.




Satisfaction Survey

The deadline for this survey is April 17.  If you have not received a postcard with a unique pin, please call 403-230-140. Complete the survey NOW

The survey asks how satisfied you are with: 

  • County amenities (fire services, recreation, garbage collection, etc)
  • Planning
  • County website
  • Representation by Council
  • Responsiveness of administration
  • County engagement (see image below)

An example of the survey is below: 

Our view:

  • The County website is in need of an update, especially on the Planning & Development front. It is difficult (or impossible) to find updates on proposed and approved developments without digging through Council minutes. Planning items should be sorted by division and status, with all documents available on that file sorted by date.  It would help immensely to have a map of planning items on the website that would allow residents to click on the developments near them!
  • The County needs to do a better job of letting the community know about proposed developments (like Coach Creek), including better signage and improved notification to area residents across a larger area.

  • The County needs to push for more comprehensive engagement by developers to ensure that residents are able to engage thoughtfully. This means longer engagement timelines and notification periods.  


Springbank Area Structure Plan

RVC Website



There are three Area Structure Plans that cover the Springbank area today:

  1. North Area Structure Plan (1998) 
  2. Central Area Structure Plan (2001) 
  3. Model Area Structure Plan (1998) 

In April 2020, after years of work, county administration proposed combined Area Structure Plan for Springbank to council. 

However, at this meeting, Council decided to create two separate plans (for reasons that are still unclear).  On July 28, 2020, two separate area structure plans were taken back to Council and approved.  At the time, we expressed concern over the speed of the decision, lack of engagement and changes to the plans. 

In 2021, the two plans were referred to the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board (CMRB), where they were rejected.

Given the rejection by the CMRB, Council approved updated Terms of Reference for the Area Structure Plans, which included another round of engagement.


Current Engagement

The deadline for feedback has been extended to May 13, 2022.  RVC has four (4) methods of engagement:

ENGAGEMENT #1: Complete a Survey (from RVC)


ENGAGEMENT #2: Attend the County's Open Houses, as follows:

Three (3) sessions (1 hour each). Each session will include a brief overview of the project from staff followed by group discussions on key questions and themes.

Thursday, April 28, 2022 at Springbank Heritage Club

  • Session 1: 5:15 p.m
  • Session 2: 6:30 p.m
  • Session 3: 7:45 p.m

Please RSVP by email or 403-478-8162 for your desired session.


ENGAGEMENT #3:  Attend the County's Coffee /Chat Sessions

March 30 to April 14, 2022

Multiple one-hour session times available

Please RSVP by email or 403-520-3922 with a preferred date and time.


ENGAGEMENT #4: Send an email!

Email planning_policy@rockyview.ca with your comments


Other Updates

Road sweeping will take place in:

  • Springbank May 11 & 12
  • Harmony May 9 & 10
  • Bragg Creek May 24 to 27

Highway 8 / Elbow Valley not mentioned on the RVC website.


Thanks so much to Kathleen Burk and RE/MAX for providing support to the production of our newsletter.





Discovery Corner Preschool

Discovery Corner Preschool has been taking advantage of all the beautiful weather.  They have an amazing outdoor field with so many things to do and explore. The students especially love to have picnics.


The Edge School

Looking for sport program offerings over the spring and summer? We have 20+ different camps now open for registration for youth between the ages of 6-15!

More information and Register Now!





From January to the end of June, Trustees are visiting schools to see how the District’s learning plan comes alive in each of our schools.  It has been rewarding to visit with staff and students across the division and listen to personal stories of learning in Rocky View Schools.

As we move forward from the lockdowns, masking and isolation, students and teachers are excited to return to learning pre-pandemic.  Although for many of our younger children and new teachers have not known anything different.

It was amazing to walk into our buildings and feel the energy, positivity, and excitement of our students.  Our buildings are clean, well-maintained, open, and filled with light. Student art covers the walls and learning is acknowledged and celebrated throughout our buildings.   All parts of the building are used for learning. Desks, tables, chairs, and fitness equipment pepper the hallways and are filled with students, reading, sharing, and learning.  Schools exude a free flow of purposeful human activity.  Technology is accessible and used as needed.

Student Art on display

Rocky View School Division has a 4-year plan that focuses on literacy, numeracy, and innovation.  Attention to the tenants of this plan was visible in each school.  Students were engaged in project-based learning, solving math problems in unique ways, engaged in scientific experiments, engaged in debate, novel studies, and creative writing.

Our younger learners are provided leveled reading materials and are receiving targeted literacy instruction.  The division has invested in the “Layers of Literacy” approach to teaching reading and has purchased assessment tools to measure our progress.  It was evident to me that the additional support staff in schools is having a positive effect.

The Division has also provided support to schools both by way of pedagogy and materials but also in support of developmental delays in students. Flexible furniture has been purchased that allows teachers and students to easily rearrange the learning environment to suit the learning purpose.  Furniture and equipment was purchased to address students who fidget or need to move and assistive learning tools such as language boards for non-verbal students.

All schools have been in-serviced in positive behavior intervention strategies to deal with students who are dysregulated. Staff has been introduced to mindfulness techniques to calm students or assist students who struggle with anxiety. 

Calming Room

Each school is equipped with a calming room and/or a support room where students can receive support. Elementary and middle schools have part or full-time Child Development Advisors trained to assist students with interpersonal issues. High schools are staffed with guidance counsellors.

Band Room

Our technology, arts and practical arts at the secondary level are generally well equipped and provide a range of courses aimed to support student interests.  Electronics, robotics, fabrication, carpentry, and media arts programs, foods, cosmetology all equip students with sophisticated concepts and skills.  Most middle and high schools offer excellent band programs.







Springbank Minor Hockey Association

The last few years have not been normal for anyone and it was a relief to get in a complete hockey season this year, including Hockey Calgary City Championships and Hockey Alberta Provincials.  Starting in late February and most of March, forty-two Springbank Minor Hockey teams from U11 to U21 took part in Hockey Calgary City Championships.  After several weeks of great hockey, 9 SMHA teams were successful in capturing a City Championship banner. 

Springbank Minor Hockey also sent four teams to provincials – U13 2 Green, U15 Body Checking Tier 1, U15 Non-Body Checking Tier 1 and U21 Jr C.  U15 NBC1 and U21 brought home provincial championships and U15 BC1 was the silver medalist for their tier.  U13 2 Green played the first weekend in April in Rocky Mountain House. 





Springbank Soccer Club

They are so excited to start of the spring/summer outdoor season soon.  It is never too late to register to enjoy the beautiful game - Email to Register.

They completed an exciting indoor season with many games and cheers.  The U19 boys represented SCC at the provincial competition.  The tournament was a close one with most games being decided by no more than two goals and there were four ties out of the 10 games.

“All games were very fast-paced and attracted a lot of attention from spectators.  Very exciting to watch” – Parent of SSC

The team progressed through the tournament and on their fourth game they came up against the team that became the eventual gold medal winners.  In this hard-fought game, they lost 2-0 but the team spirited on and finished with two wins, two losses and brought home the bronze.

In other exciting news Springbank Soccer Club has its inaugural outdoor grassroots program in Harmony.  They have many of the boys and girls signed up from in age groups of U4, U6, U8 and U10.  The focus of the sessions will be on physical literacy, ball mastery, duels, and games. 






Springbank Curling Club

Thank you to everyone who came out and played this past season, respecting the rules they were forced to implement and for being part of an escape from pandemic lockdowns.

League Windups

Each of our Adult Leagues had their own version of a championship and windup!  Visit their Facebook page for windup overviews and pictures!

On March 19, Springbank’s newest curlers from our Junior Programs came together to wrap up the curling season in a Mini Bonspiel.  Upon completion of the competition, some of the fans got out on the ice, and our new curlers became the coaches for their family and friends, passing along the knowledge and skills they learned over the season.  

Representing the Club

Adele Williamson (far right in the photo below), a Springbank resident, and avid curler in both the Springbank Monday Night Ladies League and Thursday Mixed League recently won a Gold Medal at the 2022 Master Women Provincial Championship in Edmonton. As part of the Foster Team, Adele will be competing in the Canadian Masters Championship at the Pembina Curling Club in Winnipeg in November. Congratulations Adele!

Summer is quickly approaching and they'll be excited to get back on the ice in September.  Check their website for Fall announcements or email with questions.





We feature another site marked with a sign from the Historical Society project, adjacent to Springbank Community High School and the Springbank Park for All Seasons. It shows the location of the South Church Cemetery and Cairn. There is a date discrepancy for when the non-denominational church was built. Chaps and Chinooks has both 1894 and 1896, and the Cairn says 1895. Regardless, this church was built early in Springbank’s history.

Rev. Dr. W. J. Collett writes,

            A log church named The Springbank Union was built (…) in 1894 in much the same manner that the school house had been erected, by the combined efforts of the settlers. Rev. Frank Langford, Minister of Central Methodist Church, Calgary and Dr. Herman of the Presbyterian Church officiated at the dedication and opening. The intermittent services were conducted by minister and laymen from Calgary.  p 110, Volume 1


            It was inevitable (…) that the denominational divisions would invade the Springbank Community. As the various denominations in Calgary grew in strength their influence spread beyond the limits of the growing town. An official Board of the Springbank Methodist Church was organized (…) Two miles north of the Spring Bank Union Church the Methodists erected a church which was opened and dedicated on June 10, 1910.

p 110-1, Volume 1

(…).        Services in the South Church became quite impractical by the winter of 1944 and (…) reluctantly the Board decided to worship only in the North Church during the remainder of the winter.

(…)       By 1947, (…) it was decided that the time had come to remove the South Church. It was put up for sale (…)The Young family purchased the South Church in 1947 (…) The money from the sale was placed in a special account so that a cairn might be erected on the site of the South Church. The Cairn was dedicated at a service on June 7, 1959.

(…)       There were cemeteries at both the South and North Churches and they contain the graves of many of the pioneers. Yearly a group of volunteer workers have maintained both sites. By order of the Provincial Government in 1974 the South Cemetery was closed to further burials and subsequently the land was recognized as an historic site.

Chaps and Chinooks , Volume 1, p. 115

[Editor’s note: A government grant in 1975 funded the fencing around the site to preserve the South cemetery. The cemetery at the Springbank United Church “North Church” is open.]



City Nature Challenge 2022
April 29 - May 2

The fourth annual Calgary City Nature Challenge is back to celebrate the biodiversity within our communities! This is your chance to show the world the amazing nature that can be found in the Calgary region. Nearly 600 cities from across the globe will compete to see which can make the most nature observations, document the most species, and engage the most people. 50 cities in Canada will take part in 2022.

Help put Calgary’s urban biodiversity on the map April 29-May 2! Explore anywhere in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Chestermere, and Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. Take photos of any plants, insects, birds, mammals, fungi, and lichens you encounter and upload them to the iNaturalist app before May 8. Global results will be announced on May 9.

Take part in a park bioblitz or go rogue with friends and family while you explore your city under a new lens. Your observations will not only help put Calgary in the City Nature Challenge but also help researchers and scientists study our local urban biodiversity like never before.

Will you join the challenge?












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