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There is so much to be thankful for living in Springbank, including this Fall we have been experiencing!

The recent “super harvest full moon” over Brushy Ridge.

We feel our role as the Springbank Community Association Board is to be community builders and advocates.

As “builders”, our 3rd Annual Community Raffle is live! The bulk of the proceeds will go to the SCHS phys ed students who are woefully lacking in basic equipment. Scroll this issue to see a video of their equipment room. Buy tickets here. Prizes are fantastic!

As “advocates”, we are very focussed on what happened at the recent meeting of RVC’s Recreation Governance Committee on September 27. You may have read an article in the latest Rocky View Weekly. We are very disappointed, to say the least, with outcomes of this meeting for our community. We do not support what administration has proposed regarding recreation funding, the South Springbank Community facility and the SR1 recreation reserve fund policy. We want these motions and plans to be revisited before it’s too late and tax money is wasted.

It is very important for our councillors to know your views. Even if you don’t plan to use a Springbank facility, you should be concerned about how RVC is spending your money on a facility that doesn’t really fit the community or a facility that can’t possibly get off the ground because of faulty policy.

So grab a coffee (or wine depending on when you are reading this) and scroll to view our stances on the issues. If you agree or disagree with us, let us know! We have provided a link to view our presentation to the Recreation Governance Committee  (Note that the timestamps are hour:minute:seconds below).  As well, this is a full newsletter of community events so see what groups have to offer.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!





Community Raffle

Hey Springbank, let’s help our amazing public school improve equipment in the Phys Ed department.  Tickets are $20 each available here. To see where the money will go, watch this virtual tour by SCHS Carol Smith and Tyler Mcrae.  Our SCHS kids will be out in the community selling tickets!  

Donations will be happily accepted for the items on this wishlist (below) - gently used or new:

 Larger Equipment needed

    • Hockey Nets
    • Volleyball Posts
    • Pinnies  - 12 of each colour (enough for 2 class sets)
    • 30 Hockey helmets CSA approved
    • Goalie equipment for floor hockey

Fitness equipment needed

    • Skipping ropes
    • Bands
    • Med balls
    • Yoga mats (10)
    • TRX (2)
    • Bosu Ball
    • Battle Rope
    • Tennis balls

 Medium Items needed

    • Volleyball Nets
    • Tchouk Ball Set
    • 2 more cricket sets
    • 2 more badminton nets
    • 20 badminton rackets
    • 10 baseball gloves
    • Proper set of dodgeballs
    • Spikeball Sets (5)
    • Basketball Rims
    • Basketballs - enough for a class
    • Lacrosse sticks
    • Frisbees
    • Footballs
    • Flag football belts
    • Scoreboard - flip
    • Pickle ball rackets
    • Pylons

Small Items

    • Lacrosse balls
    • Floor hockey balls
    • Birdies

If you can help out, please email Carol Smith.


Lego Club is back! 

The program will run every Friday 4:30-6PM at the Equestrian Centre from October 20 to December 1. Free fun for ages 6-12! The program is hosted by our amazing Duke of Edinburgh teens.


SCA Opinion on Recreation

There were three agenda items that impacted Springbank on the September 27 Recreation Governance Committee (RCG) Agenda:

  1. Recreation Funding Policy 
  2. South Springbank Facility Next Steps
  3. SR1 Recreation Reserve Fund Policy

In terms of process, the RCG decisions must be ratified by the Council at a subsequent council meeting. 

We presented to the Recreation Governance Committee on September 27 to raise concerns about the proposed South Springbank Facility and use of the SR1 proceeds.  Watch the video here, beginning at 1:53 (Springbank Facility) and 3:57 (SR1).

Our Views:

Recreation Funding Policy C-317

Our View: This policy is archaic. It is in desperate need of a make-over and RVC has taken a cursory stab and an update largely based on how much a project costs relative to how much the supporting organization needs to kick in to support it. 

KEY CHANGE #1: From requiring 50% contribution to 50% community cost sharing for small projects (<500k), 30% community cost sharing for medium projects (500k-999k) and 15% community cost sharing for large projects (<$1M). 

OUR OPINION: This is a terrible change for the following reasons:

  • A community organization needs to provide $250K for a 499k project but only $150k for a project costing $1M.
  • This policy still ties funding to the ability of the supporting organization to fund their share rather than using merit as the deciding factor for funding.  Unfortunately, the most impactful projects will not have adequate community financial contributions (think, river access parking lot or community tennis courts).  The result will be controversial projects that are funded by the County purely because the supporting group has funds, examples:
    • Webber Academy $100k from RVC in 2022
    • Cochrane Turf Field at Cochrane High School $600k from RVC in 2022

  • New County facilities such as Springbank and Langdon will require massive community fundraising efforts to get off the ground, likely killing the projects before they start.  Does the City of Calgary require residents surrounding a YMCA to come up with some of the capital costs? This is laughable.  Rather, community contributions should be used to enhance a facility, with the County responsible for the “bones” and the community coming to the table with “nices to haves” such as scoreclocks, portable stages, bleacher seating, etc. 

KEY CHANGE #2: Addition of Eligible expenses to include staff / salaries

OUR OPINION: This is a positive change for the following reasons:

  • Most volunteer run organizations in Springbank use an overlapping volunteer base (same people all the time between the schools and community groups). 

  • Allowing organizations to have staff funded by RVC will allow Springbank groups to work together to propose staff for programs and operations in Springbank.

  • We would be interested in proposing a FT shared staff person to work with non-profit organizations in Springbank (Heritage Club, Ladies Time Out, SCA, etc) to enhance programming and facility usage in Springbank.



We want RVC to offer an engagement opportunity to two to the 90 or so groups that will be impacted by the new policy BEFORE it goes to Council. 

We want residents to know that Policies beginning with a “C” meaning “Council” do not need public engagement. Examples of these policies include circulation and notification of planning / development items, recreation funding, and the SR1 policy. 


South Springbank Facility

Our View: RVC has this draft facility wrong. See here for the results of a survey we released over the summer.

Why we disagree with the concept.

  • The Stakeholder Engagement process was shoddy:
    • Approx 10 hours (over approx 16 months) of meetings between a small group of stakeholders (and not all invested in the project) and a RVC consultant resulted in the recommendation;
    • The 10 hours was largely the consultant presenting with little debate and discussion by the groups with NOT ONE document provided to the stakeholder committee to take back to their groups;
    • 10 hours is laughable and is NOT SUFFICIENT to plan a facility for Springbank and not enough to be considered community engagement;
    • The final concept was NEVER presented to the SCA or any other stakeholder - including the COMMUNITY - until the report was completed;
    • The process did not allow for ANY engagement from the broader community along the way - not one document was provided to share from RVC even to the stakeholder group, electronic or otherwise so the there was no opportunity to check in with the community or even our Board with thoughts or recommendations along the way.

  • For $15M, we can do better than a large banquet-type space:
    • We do not need 15,000 sqft of meeting rooms and a banquet hall for 200 seated;
    • We cannot see a path forward for the economics of such a facility.

  • Survey after survey has shown the most desirable amenities are:
    • Indoor fitness
    • Indoor walking / running track
    • Gymnasium
    • Teen spaces 
    • Childcare

  • None of the phased proposed for Springbank have any of the above amenities.


Division 1: Kevin Hanson - 403-463-1166 - KRHanson@rockyview.ca

Division 2: Don Kochan - 587-435-7172 - DKochan@rockyview.ca

 Comparison: Langdon is receiving a $35M rec / community centre with a hall, fieldhouse, indoor track, library, lease space, seniors activity space and more - see more.


SR1 Recreation Reserve Fund Policy C-706

After a failed attempt to pass a questionable policy in January 2022, the draft policy for the SR1 funds was back before the RCG. Read the proposed policy here.

 We recommended that up to 50% the SR1 interest generated in a given year be available to use for community projects that improved the recreational, cultural or community amenities within Springbank.  The RGC wanted all the interest to be reinvested and not available to be used independently of the larger fund.

We recommended that the SR1 funds be available for capital projects that were included in the Recreation and Parks Master Plan (which would allow us to use funds for parks, pathways and recreation facilities). The RGC decided to use terminology that would exclusively use the finds for the “Springbank Event Centre” rather than supporting our proposal for more general wording which referenced the Master Plan.  This decision will require that ALL the SR1 funds (approx $8M) can only be used for the Proposed Phase 1 of the Springbank Facility which, at this point, includes none of the community’s top desired amenities.

We asked our Councillors to put forward a motion that an annual report on the SR1 Reserve Fund should be prepared and available to Springbank residents, but that request was not put forward to the committee.

Further, the RGC asked administration to clarify whether the SR1 funds could be used for the community contribution component of a project (i.e. 15% of the project cost) and administration responded, NO, stating that SR1 is only available for matching funds.  

What does this all mean? 

  • For Rocky View County’s proposed $15M facility, the community will need to fundraise $2.25M before even accessing the $8M in SR1 funds.

  • That Rocky View County, which will pay 85% of a project like Langdon, using recreation funds from tax dollars, will only pay approx 25-30% of Springbank.

  • That ALL the SR1 funds will be used for Phase 1 of the Springbank Project (event centre) with NOTHING left over for development of the acquired lands next to SPFAS or recreation facilities.

In closing:

In our view, it is unrealistic that area residents will come up with $2M+ for an “Event Centre” that doesn’t appear to be supported by the Community.  Therefore, the $8M will effectively be sterilized (albeit accruing interest). 

Our councilors let us down on this topic. 

Rocky View County administration made a policy FOR SPRINGBANK without consulting with Springbank residents.


Duke of Edinburgh - 13 Silver Awards to be presented on October 22! 

MLA Sarah Emeligi will present awards to 13 amazing young people with the Springbank Chapter of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Thanks to RVC Trustee Judi Hunter for her leadership of the Duke of Edinburgh program at the Springbank Chapter.  


Crime in Springbank

There have been reports of intentionally set fires and vandalism in the central Springbank area.  How is the RCMP doing? 


Springbank Airport Development

Lots of activity and new red signs at the Springbank Airport. Learn about the airport here.

There are some changes planned to further develop the commercial footprint of the airport. Various lease opportunities have been posted on the YBW website.

For a map, click here.



We appreciate the support of Alberta Indoor Comfort towards the production of our newsletter.





Fire Update

As of October 2, there are no fire bans or advisories for West Rocky View - more information.


Council Resolution Tracker 

More information on the council’s resolution tracker.


Springbank Area Structure Plans

COSTCO:  Expected fall 2025, update here.

PETRO CANADA: The Petro-Canada located at Highway 22 and Highway 1 will be moving due to plans to twin Highway 22 (the lease has approximately 7 more years).  Petro-Canada is looking at other locations to move the truck stop and one option is RR33 next to EDGE school. This appears to be a larger facility than the one located at Highway 22.

Next Steps: Petro-Canada will need to apply for a land-use redesignation and we expect this to come this fall.  Land use re-designations do require a public hearing. We do not have a date for this hearing yet. 

The planner for Petro-Canada has provided the following information for the public:

We have a 3 question survey for residents on this topic:

Click here to complete the survey.





Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir (SR1)

Waiting on update from the Alberta Government. The draft land use plan is available here.

Range Road 40 is open again!
This will serve as the detour road if Springbank Road is flooded.


The new bridge has been completed on highway 22.


Paving is still ongoing on highway 22 between the new bridge and highway 1.


The intersection of highway 22 and Springbank Road is open.

These are pictures that we have taken ourselves.
The project does not share their progress with the community.


Bow River Dam

No updates this month. 

You can find more information on the Bow River Reservoir Options initiative, including feasibility study updates and engagement opportunities.


Ring Road

The West Ring road is open! Who is excited for the next phase which will simplify life for everyone living on Highway 8?!   Read more.





You may have seen a familiar face at the SPFAS Fall Fair. Jan has deep roots in the Springbank soil, and she founded Rafter 1 Ranch on land that has been passed down through generations. A farmer at heart, she was able to realise her farming dream by relying on the generous help of family and neighbours – as generations of farmers and ranchers have done before her. Sheep farming is a fairly new and exciting adventure for her family and they are ready to raise the best Alberta lamb around!





Autumn, my favourite season. The air is crisp and clear, the landscape is full of colour, the nasty insects are gone and we gather in the fruits of our labours!

Just remember when you are cleaning up around your flowerbeds, that it is best to leave some taller stems to catch the snow and to mulch around the perennials. Leave something for the ladybugs to cuddle in (and reproduce) over winter.

The Springbank Garden Club meets the third Tuesday of the month, September to June, 7:30 pm at the Springbank United Church. Everyone welcome. Come listen to the gardening speaker of the month and consider becoming a club member, only $25.00 a year. For more information, please contact 

Barb or Simone

~ Submitted by Simone Byers





Discovery Corner Preschool
Discovery Corner Preschool is enjoying our lovely fall. Constable Nathan and a couple of his friends stopped by to talk to them about what the police do in our community.
The children had a lot of fun exploring the police cars and learning about safety.
Miss Renee and Miss Ana, Directors ~ 403-472-1477

Calgary Changemaker School




Schools are well underway with successful start-ups.  I had the opportunity to attend the Welcome back celebrations at Elbow Valley Elementary, Springbank Middle School and Westbrook School.  The weather was spectacular, and it was wonderful to watch the children playing and parents conversing.  Thank you to the schools for hosting and providing food.

Rocky View Communications team have deservedly won a Canadian Association of Communicators in Education (CACE) award for the Space for Students advocacy campaign. This national award recognizes and honours exemplary work in all aspects of school public relations, communications, marketing, and engagement.

The Airdrie Community Engagement has begun.  The engagement will inform parents of the serious space issues in the City of Airdrie and give possible scenarios to alleviate the overcrowding in schools.  Options will include, changing a middle school to a high school, making boundary changes, and making grade configuration changes.  Parent will have the opportunity to weigh in through the School Engage platform as well as community consultations.

Planning is in process for similar processes in Cochrane and Chestermere.

The Alberta government is consulting with stakeholders to gather input for revising the social studies curriculum.  Public input will be sought in 2024.


Alberta says $12.4M will create nearly 2,000 apprenticeship positions  

The Alberta government is spending $12.4 million that it claims will create nearly 2,000 new apprenticeship positions to be spread over five different institutions across the province. The new positions are slated to go to students at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Red Deer Polytechnic, Lethbridge College, and Keyano College in Fort McMurray. In an interview with Postmedia, Advanced Education Minister Rajan Sawhney said the announcement reflects a growing need from employers.


Classroom Champions receives $3.6M to expand educational programs for Western Canadian students  

A mentorship program that connects Olympic athletes with children at schools across the country is set to receive a major funding boost aimed at bridging educational gaps and empowering young minds. Classroom Champions, a leading educational non-profit, has secured $3.6 million in funding from 23 Western Canadian corporations they're calling the Energizing Community Collective. Steve Mesler is the CEO and co-founder of Classroom Champions, which now works with millions of students across North America by facilitating video lessons and interactive chats with athletes.


Alberta’s population continues to surge growing by 184, 000 last year.  This will impact our already overcrowded schools. Read more.


The new Langdon Junior/Senior high school will open September 2025.  Parents of Langdon are presently engaged in dialogue about the school grade configuration and attendance boundaries.


September 30 was Truth and Reconciliation Day, all Rocky View participated in activities related to this day.


Caretaking is presenting a problem for many schools.  Rocky View Schools received additional funding during COVID for caretaking.  The funding has ceased so caretaking has been reduced and schools are adjusting to the new “normal”.


Springbank Community Association in conjunction with Springbank High School is holding a raffle to support the Springbank High School Physical Education program.  Please expect students at your door selling raffle tickets.


We are continuing to monitor bussing times from Elbow Valley, Bragg Creek and Redwood for students going to Springbank schools, due to construction on Stoney Trail and 22.


Gravel trucks were being detoured along RR 33 and RR 31 while RR40 was being paved.  All trucks should now be using RR 40 as it is open.


French Immersion Parents - Enhancement Opportunity for your Child

Canadian Parents for French is offering 4 weeks of French Immersion homework help

Wednesdays - October 11, 18, 25 & November 1
@ Makerspace
3:15pm to 4:15pm

French Tutors will be available to assist your child whether it be for homework or just conversational practice.  

PLEASE SIGN UP BY CONTACTING: Judi Hunter or 404-888-1831











Swamp Donkey Musical Theatre 

You asked, we answered!

NEW this season: purchase a season ticket and receive 10% off regular ticket prices for our 3 mainstage productions: The Spitfire Grill, Christmas at the Creekside Grill, and Oklahoma!
Purchase season tickets here!

First up this season is The Spitfire Grill.
Purchase tickets now!

Based on the hit 1996 film, The Spitfire Grill is a heartwarming and inspirational musical tale of redemption, perseverance and family that features a gorgeous, soulful score.  A feisty parolee follows her dreams, based on a page from an old travel book, to a small town and finds a place for herself working at Hannah's Spitfire Grill. The Grill is for sale, but there are no takers for the only eatery in the depressed town, so newcomer Percy convinces Hannah to raffle it off. Entry fees are one hundred dollars and the best essay on why you want the Grill wins. Soon, mail arrives by the wheelbarrow and things really start cookin' at the Spitfire Grill. 




Are you passionate about horses?
Join us at ROARR and make a difference! We're looking for volunteers to help with horse feeding and handling.
Springbank Heritage Club Activities

Consider a membership $50.00 per year – take advantage of everything the Centre has to offer (must be 50 years young to qualify)!

Ongoing activities for October

Every Tuesday 1:00-4:00pm - Games (cards etc.) 

Every Wednesday 1:00-4:00pm - Crafts, Chat & Coffee
(it has been said that this CCC is the best day of the week!)
Bring a project (knitting, painting, sewing etc. to work on) plus show & tell, enjoy chatting, coffee and treats. Coffee is free – bring a treat to share!

Upcoming Events

Happy Hoofers“ 
October 10 @ 9:30am
Walk and talk - meet at Morning Vista development (west of Morgan Rise - contact Valerie - 403-686 4719 or Mary B. - 403-819-1578

Wine & Paint Night
October 11 @ 7:00 pm
Please bring a pumpkin (fake or real) to paint along with your regular supplies

Pizza Night
October 18
6 Pillars of Aging Well: Exercise / Dietician / Mental Health / Physical / etc.

Happy Hour
October 21 @ 5:00-7:00pm
Bring appetizer to share and your own beverages

This beautiful and functional facility is also available for rent. Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Celebrations of Life, Meetings etc. Please contact Janice Lambert or visit the Springbank Heritage Centre.

Gingerbread Christmas Market
November 25, 2023
1:00 to 4:00pm
Please plan on attending, open to the public!





This month our submission is from the “In Color” section of Chaps and Chinooks. Year or exact location of picture is not specified, but is timeless, in our opinion!

Chaps and Chinooks, Vol II, between p.432 and 433.









Fire Station Open House is on Saturday October 14, 1:00-4:00pm
at all Cochrane fire stations - including Redwood Meadows! 

Their crews would love to meet all members of the community – not during an emergency.
Door prize for those who bring a picture of their smoke detectors expiry date!
Lots of stuff for the kiddos and happy to answer any burning questions! :)

Come to the County Fire Hall
October 14 - 1-4pm



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