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It’s amazing how the calendar has changed and so has our weather! It definitely looks like the holiday season in Springbank with some amazing light displays around the neighborhoods.

Send us your festive pictures to info@springbankcommunity.com and we will share the holiday spirit on our social media!
Scroll the newsletter to see Rockyview County updates and news from our school trustee. Our schools have shared their charitable activities and some beautiful student art. It looks like there are some fun activities for us to take part in this month! Chaps and Chinooks looks at the history of the Post Office in Springbank and the newsletter is rounded out by some helpful tips from the Cochrane Foothills Protective Association regarding online shopping and potential charitable scams.
The Springbank Community Association wishes all the best of the season to you and yours! 




Recreation Governance Committee

The Community Association went before the Recreation Governance Committee on December 8 to present our vision for community enhancement.  View our presentation.
Webber Academy also requested for funding for artificial turf for one of its ball diamonds.

Cell Tower -  RR32 & Springbank Road

We have a survey open until the end of day Dec 12, 2021. The Rogers Application goes before Council on December 15 and we would like to be able to send our area councillors a summary of resident feedback. 

If you live south of Highway 1 and north of the Elbow River, please take a couple minutes to answer a few questions.

Transmission Line Realignment

Here is the package for the AltaLink proposal to upgrade the transmission lines along RR33.

It looks like the preferred approach is the current path that runs behind the Park For All Seasons with the timing being 2024-2025.  We will follow this as the project progresses.

Willow Ranch Development

There is a developer survey online for the Willow Ranch development on RR33, just south of the high school.  The application is for 12 lots.  On Sept 21, RVC Council sent back the application for more work on storm water, overland drainage and access.  No date for return to Council available but we wanted to share the information.

Survey link

Development info





Springbank Playschool

Springbank Playschool is a community based non-profit and parent-cooperative preschool founded over thirty years ago. For over three decades, they have welcomed three- and four-year-old’s, beginning their education in play-based learning. Through their program, they begin to develop important life skills through play such as speaking and listening skills, sharing, patience, kindness, and empathy. 
With Christmas just around the corner, it is a Playschool tradition to support Calgary area families who are going through a time of adversity through Made by Momma, a local volunteer run charity!  Their program of choice this year is Santa's Workshop which makes Christmas miracles happen for families who are unable to provide Christmas for their families due to crisis such as job loss, terminal illness, leaving abusive situations, last minute tragedy, and more. Please note all donations must be NEW.  For further information on how to donate or what items to donate, please email.    
Registration will open in January 2022 for the following 2022/2023 school year.  Feel free to reach out to book a tour of the school and meet one of their teachers personally.  


Discovery Corner Preschool

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year opens on January 26-28, 2022. They will have an open house by appointment on January 26. Please call for details 403-472-1477!


Ecole Elbow Valley Elementary

Their students and learning community are in the spirit of giving this December!  They have collected 100's of Teddy Bears in support of the Calgary Hitmen &  Alberta Children's Hospital.  Their Grade 1 students are also busy creating a video of a musical presentation to share with a local Care Home.  Many of their students are also preparing to create cards to share with first responders and local care homes.


Second photo taken in the fall of 2019


Springbank Middle School

Grade 8 Art Students Value Portrait Drawings


Springbank High School

With Christmas break just around the corner for all Rocky View Schools students, Springbank Community High has been getting in the Holiday spirt in many ways. This month their high school is hosting our annual “Santa’s Essentials” sock and toiletry drive. From December 1 to December 15 students will vote for the teacher they want to see dressed up as Santa by adding donations to piles under the teachers’ pictures! All donations go to the Calgary Drop-in Center.

In their arts programs, the Band program is celebrating the holidays by playing holiday tunes during their classes. From moderns’ songs like Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” to classical composures like “Carol of the Bells” and “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, their high school band has been playing it all.

In Foods class, students worked on their cake decorating skills. Some of the students chose a wintery theme for their designs!

Cake handcrafted by Annika Russell, grade 11 foods student

Overall, Springbank Community High School’s students and staff are looking forward to a month of holiday fun followed by a well deserved break.

by Jordan Inverarity, Springbank High School student





Hard to believe we are into December, it seems like the school year had barely begun.

All Rocky View School trustees attended the Alberta School Boards Association annual fall general meetingTrustee Baziuk was elected Vice President of the Association for the 2021-2023 school years.

The Board had the privilege of listening to Landry Fortrand from Chestermere Lake Middle School who gave a wonderful presentation on how he has changed his teaching practice in mathematics.  The change is a result of the information given in the book “Thinking Classroom in Mathematics: 14 Teaching Practices for Enhanced Learning”,  by Peter Liljedahl, a mathematics professor at Simon Fraser university.

I have included links to some videos that show how this classroom works:

Thinking Classroom in Mathematics at Chestermere Lake Middle School

Thinking Classrooms at CLMS teaser

Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics:  Part 1

Robotics programs start early.  Elbow Valley Grade 3 students shared the work they were doing with robotics.  The students were excited about their work and shared their learnings.

Good news, organizations that are renting Rocky View Schools facilities will have insurance included in the reservation charge.  This saves organizations having to show proof of insurance.  The reservation charge includes an insurance fee of $10.00

Shaping the Future 2022 Conference | Ever Active Schools  will be January 27-29, 2022. 
While the conference is primarily for educators, parents are always welcome.  There are a variety of sessions that parents would enjoy.

The Alberta Learning Disabilities Association is offering video offerings for parents.  This is something that school councils may consider offering for parents.

Rocky View Schools in the news

Classroom exchanged for wide-open space

Congratulations to Ms. Knight and her Drama 9 and Drama 20/30 students for a fantastic production of Shakespeare’s a “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We look forward to more amazing work from our high school drama students.






Saturday Fun League - Drop In

Drop-in Curling is on again on December 11 at the Springbank Curling Club.  This is an opportunity to try out the sport, play a regular game or try Mixed Pairs curling.  You don’t have to be a member of the curling club to participate!

Registration is from 6:30-6:55pm, and curling ice times will be 7-9 pm.  Curling equipment - grippers, sliders and brooms are available for use, free of charge.  Drop-in at $20/person (cash only)!

Sign up to reserve your spot. Email for more information.



SCC hosted 16 teams to play in this year’s Men’s Bonspiel on November 20-21. Rinks from Springbank & Calgary played, as well as a team with representation from the Australian National Team – a long way to come for a spiel, guess it was their summer holiday!!  When the last rocks came to a stop, Team Bishop (pictured below) was victorious over Team Hellwig in the A final. Team Humeniuk defeated Team Somerset in the B, while Team Stevens played the marathon event to beat Team Babin in the C final.  Congrats to all teams that played in the event!

The Ladies Bonspiel is coming up on January 14-16, 2022.  They hope your team will join for this fun and competitive event. The entry fee is $260/team which includes at least 3 games, cash and door prizes and dinner Saturday night.  This 24 team bonspiel will have A, B and C events with draws beginning on Friday night and finishing on Sunday afternoon.  They were full in 2020 so don't delay...register your team now!

Please visit website or email for further details!




Crafts Coffee & Chat Group

Wednesdays at the Heritage Centre (must be 55 years old to attend) from 1:00pm till 4:00pm!  Membership is encouraged at only $35.00 per year.  Bring any project you are currently working on and any items that you’d like to share for Show and Tell.  Coffee is provided – bring a treat to share!

At the last meeting, Jan Wittstrom instructed on making a Blue Jean Angel Ornament! 

For more information and to be added to the email list email Janice.





As Christmas approaches, mail and package delivery becomes even more important to us! Emily Robson has recounted some of the history of how Springbank received the mail at the Post Office (P.O.).

Sketch of the Springbank Post Office by R. Treacy

            …the Springbank P.O. It was located one quarter of a mile south of the Red Dutton Arena. The Post Master was Wheeler Mickle who operated from his own home…

            In 1902 Mr. Mickle sold his property to William Young who took over the P.O. He moved a small building from his old homestead to the new location and started a store. People came from all corners of Springbank for groceries, hardware and of course, THE MAIL. Business was brisk and the store prospered even though the Government was not noted for its generosity, people came for mail and bought groceries…There was no other store unless one cared to ride horseback or drive a horse drawn vehicle to Calgary. (…)

            The mail from Mr. Young’s P.O. was usually picked up by the children of the neighbourhood who made the trip from the school, one mile to the north on horseback. Many times at least a dozen horses were tied to the fence waiting for the mail to arrive. If the weather was cold, or wet, the youngsters were invited to wait around the giant old pot bellied heater in the dining room.

            Another Springbank old timer, Ken Wills recalls learning to play crokinole and also learning how to shoot a rifle while waiting for the mail.

            The small building which was used as a P.O. and store was joined to the house by a small hallway and was always kept locked except of course when someone needed supplies. The mail cubby holes occupied the west end, while kegs of nails stood on the floor in the corner. Spices, tea, coffee, tobacco, sugar, flour, rice and candy were always on hand. On the counter was a coffee grinder, a small set of scales and the postal equipment. When it was time to retire, the money and any other valuables were taken into the house.

Chaps and Chinooks, p.134-5, Vol I.









 Cochrane Foothills Protective Association (CFPA)

As we approach the Holiday Season, thoughts turn to supporting charitable causes and perhaps increase our shopping activity on-line. 

A few suggestions to help recognize and prevent being scammed by fake Charities.  For those Charities that you have been supporting on a regular basis, for years, are most likely legitimate.  It is the new ones that could be cause for questioning:

  • Ask for details – Organizations full name, address, registration information and how the donation is spent.
  • Never make a rush decision – high pressure sales – take you time to think about it.
  • Keep a record of your donations – who you talked to and what you were told.
  • Do not be afraid of feeling guilty of hanging up the phone or deleting the email.
    • Check the email to see if the email address is legit- does it match the Charity name or link to the Charity?
  • Research the Charity on the CRA website or check our Canada Helps.org.

While many of us on-line shop on a regular basis, Amazon, Store Websites, Facebook Market Place, Kijiji, etc., and feel that we are pretty savy about doing what we need to keep safe.  Here are a few reminders and tips.

  • Be sure the HTTPS is in the address line and has a closed icon.
  • Look for contact information like phone numbers and email addresses – try the phone number to see if it connects with the Merchant.
  • Use a Credit Card when shopping on-line – if your account is compromised you are not liable for unauthorized charges.
  • Do not use the same password on multiple shopping sites.
  • If meeting someone to make a purchase, make arrangement to meet in a public area and take a buddy. Make sure someone knows when and where you are making the exchange and check in with them when the exchange is completed. 
  • Check with your local RCMP to see if there is a Safe Exchange Zone set up for these situations.

Along with on-line shopping comes the delivery of the Packages.  Here is another opportunity to put some practices in place to keep your packages safe:

  • Have a large container, secured to your step, that delivery operators can put you packages in, so they are out of sight.
  • Make arrangements with a neighbour, to pick up your package, off the step, and put it in a safe place.
  • Check your cameras and ensure they are working correctly so you can see when the package is delivered and have photo evidence is you are a victim of a porch pirate.
  • Pick up you mail regularly
  • Do not post on Facebook, purchases you have made – would be thieves have been known to watch Facebook pages in an area for such activity.

If you are interested in more Fraud Prevention information, please feel free to visit the CFPA Website and click on the Yellow Rural Crime Watch Logo. This will take you to the APRCWA Website where you can sign up for a Fraud Prevention Newsletter. 

If you have been or think you have been a victim of Fraud please report it.  You never know what piece of information you can provide to further a case that is in progress. 

The Board of Directors of the CFPA, want to thank our Members and Partners for their support over the past year and wish everyone all the best over the Holiday Season.  Keep your eyes and ears open and remember to Observe, Record Report (ORR). 






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