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Wow! And just like that it is winter!
Our issue this month features several upcoming community events as we approach the holiday season. Jazz fans take ‘note’ of our SCA sponsored event coming up soon at Springbank Links Golf Course. If you haven’t tried curling, but want to, the Curling Club has several chances to try out the sport. As well, the Heritage Club has lots of Christmas and ongoing activities for the over 50 set! Check the schedule out — they even have Pickleball!
Chaps and Chinooks honours the many veterans we had in our community. We remember those who served, as does our youth representative in her submission. There are memorial plaques in the United Church, if you get a chance to see them at a Sunday service.
Enjoy all that Springbank has to offer as we enter the holiday season!




Jazz Night with Redline Trio!
November 26 @ 7:30pm
Springbank Links Golf Club
Purchase your Tickets now


Lego Club

We have two more Fridays of Lego Club at the Equestrian Centre. Kids aged 6-12 years are welcome to pop in and tackle a Lego challenge organized by our Duke of Edinburgh students.

Friday November 18 and 25




Thanks so much to Carla Berezowski and Alberta Indoor Comfort for providing support to the production of our newsletter.





The SR1 land use advisory committee is in the final stage of drafting its report. We expect that it will be presented to the Government of Alberta before the end of the year.


Bow River Dam

Alberta Environment is hosting an information session for affected landowners on November 15, 2022 at the Wild West Centre.  

If you believe you would be considered “affected”, please email to request an invitation.  We have asked AEP to include the community of Springbank Heights and those along the Bearspaw Reservoir as affected, but we don’t have confirmation they have been invited.





Fire Update

West Rocky View is not under any fire ban or advisory at this moment - read for more information.

Our thoughts are with the family impacted by the large house fire last week on RR31 near Springbank Road. 


New Mayor

RVC announced a new Mayor - Div 3 Councillor Crystal Kissel and new Deputy Mayor, Sunny Samra from Div 6.  Both are elected for one year terms.



Rocky View is currently reviewing the draft budget.  Council met on November 14 and is meeting again on November 16 to review the budget.  Council meetings are live streamed.


Other RVC Updates

On November 15, the CAO will provide an update on the priorities list:


Approved Treatment Centre in Commercial Court

On November 7, we hosted an information session for residents with Opus (property owner) and Edgewood (treatment / counselling centre operator).


  • Opus has been approved for a 3 year development permit to operate a counselling centre, with up to 40 beds and an average patient stay of 30 days. This was approved under the existing Commercial Court land use designation of Care Facility (Clinic). Opus is now requesting another approval, using effectively the same application and Land Use designation to extend the permit beyond 3 years (they have a 15 year lease with Edgewood).

  • Opus was asked by RVC to apply for a Land Use change to Care Facility (Medical). This application is working its way through the County. It will need to go to Council and public hearing for approval.  There will be an opportunity for the public to speak at the hearing.  No date has been set for the hearing at this time.

  • The centre is for voluntary treatment (no court mandated, etc) - Edgewood will not prevent people from leaving, but it will provide rides for people leaving, contact their families, etc.

  • The centre is private - they will not have publicly funded beds.

What we learned from Edgewood / Opus:

  • They do not plan to have any patients with criminal charges / criminal records.

  • They are willing to develop a “Good Neighbour” agreement with the community to alleviate / address concerns, like they do at their facility in Renfrew.

  • They are willing to work with the community to address concerns, such as patients leaving unsupervised and providing additional security.

Community Concerns:

  • RCMP response is slow; there is no guarantee that a safety issue caused by a patient or incident at or around the facility will be addressed quickly.

  • Edgewood’s business model today may not be the same business model over time. There is a risk that the type of patient or types of treatment will change to create an environment with more risk.

  • Schools in Springbank do not have locked front doors.

We will follow the application for land use change through Council & keep you apprised of opportunities to comment.


Bingham Crossing

No updates this month.


Community Centre

The committee put together by RVC to plan a new community centre is nearing its end. There is a DRAFT report that has been issued to the committee, with Phase 1 including a $7+ million community centre (no gym) with Phase 2 including a turf dome of some sort and Phase 3 as a park.

The SCA is working on our feedback to the draft report. Our view is that the process should be thorough and evidenced-based. However, we also want to see amenities that improve the health and wellness of the community with the most benefit possible for residents. We have been advocating for a new community centre for years now and are pleased to see progress, but are disappointed at the lack of a community gymnasium, which has always ranked high on community surveys and needs assessments.


Highway 8 Corridor

Council will hear an application on November 15 to change the Land Use designation on land south of Highway 8 between RR34 and RR35. The map.


Springbank Area Structure Plans

The County finally released the results of community engagement from the spring of 2022.  The summary and appendices are available now for your review. We expect an updated draft of the Area Structure Plan early in the new year, if not before.  


Thanks so much to Kathleen Burk and RE/MAX for providing support to the production of our newsletter.





Discovery Corner Preschool

Discovery corner preschool had a very busy October.  They enjoyed the warm weather. They used leaves for many cute crafts, working hard on fine motor skills and lots of fun science experiments and learned all about Diwali and made Rangoli!


Springbank High School


Last month, Springbank Community High School participated in many Halloween activities including a week of dress up days where we wore a themed costume each day to get an entry into a candy basket lottery. This was organized by the grade 10 leadership group and the school gives much thanks to all of those involved. 

Springbank High hosted a Remembrance Day ceremony on November 10th to honor all those who fought for our freedoms. All students attended the ceremony with guests. Tim Bailey, a math teacher at Springbank High, and a veteran from the Canadian Armed Forces spoke - Mr. Bailey served for 17 years and served twice in Bosnia. We also had a small procession during the ceremony with some students from our school involved in scouts and cadets. I hope on this day off school and work, we all remembered to take a few minutes and think about those who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms and our safety. Lastly, hopefully you remembered to wear your poppies and you were able to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony or conduct one of your own.

Jordan Inverarity ~ Springbank High School student and board member





Schools are well into the swing of learning. For the most part there is a return to a normal school year. An exception would be travel outside of the country.  Rocky View Schools will not approve out-of-country travel this year. Travel within Canada will continue.

Rocky View School District continues to grow by about 1,000 students per year.  The Board is in dire need of new schools and portables to accommodate the rise in student population.  The Board met with Minister LaGrange to advocate for new schools in Rocky View.  The Board will actively be engaging with communities to highlight the extreme need for student accommodation in Rocky View schools.

In its effort to support school councils and the work that councils do for students and parents, the Board hosted a by-laws workshop for school councils on October 6 and October 27 with the joint School Council/ School Board - its first in person meeting in over two years.

Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange has appointed lawyer, Julia Sproule, as the province’s first teaching profession commissioner.  Her five-year contract begins January 1, 2023.  Sproule will oversee a new complaint process for the province’s 46,000 teachers.

On October 11, Rocky View Schools enabled SMS/text messaging service to parents, which will be used to disseminate timely information, such as school closures from both RVS and the schools their children attend. 

Alberta Education has awarded $4 million in dual credit start-up and enhancement funding to 43 school authorities for the 2022/23 school year.  RVS schools received a $50,000 grant to assist students enrolled in dual-credit programs.  Below are the institutions that RVS high school kids are enrolled in:

  • 2 SAIT pre-employment
  • 3 second year welding at Olds College
  • 12 online at Olds College in various courses
  • 11 online at SAIT in various courses
  • 28 in Turning point which is a trades exploration course
  • 32 in Tech for Ag at Olds College
  • 5 in Vet Tech Assistant course at Olds College
  • 40 females will be taking part in “Jill of All Trades” (planning still in progress)

This funding enables school authorities, public charter and accredited funded independent (private) schools to provide students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 with learning experiences to earn both high school credits and credits that count toward a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree, including a journey person certificate. These learning experiences will be developed in collaboration with an eligible post-secondary, business and/or industry partner.

Education continues to see educational options for parents, and school boards that are trying to meet the needs of families. A remote island in British Columbia is an example.  A recent article in the Edmonton Journal gives some interesting information about the indigenous population in Alberta.  Rocky View schools has set Truth and Reconciliation as a focus area; the article sets out the need for continued work.

Mental health continues to be in the fore front of educational decisions.  Parents, teachers and students are advocating for greater mental-health supports. The recent “Support Public Education” rally in Edmonton spoke this issue in a list of others. A recent immigrant youth summit also focused on mental health support needs.





Robinson Outreach at RiverCross Ranch





Springbank Heritage Club

Winter has made her appearance in a big way, but things are still happening at the Springbank Heritage Centre:


Pickle ball 1-4pm  non competitive
Contact Valerie


10-11am Singing


9-10am yoga

1-4 Crafts Coffee Chat (CCC) treats always welcome


*Grey Cup Party…Sunday, Nov 20 @ 3pm

$5 for chili, salad, cake

BYOB and snacks


*Monthly POTLUCK

Tuesday, Nov 22  1:30-4:30pm


*GINGERBREAD TEA, Saturday Nov 26. 1-4:00pm

Artisan sale and Baking

$5 for gingerbread dessert and beverage

FREE if you’re just shopping


*CHRISTMAS DINNER and Caroling - Wednesday, Dec 14 @ 1:00pm

Members $30  Non-members $35


*Sip and Paint - Wednesday, Jan 11@ 7-9:00pm


*Monthly POTLUCK: - Tuesday, Jan 24  1:30-4:30pm


*CASINO:  Jan 27 & 28, 2023



*BUS TRIP…Jubilation Dinner Theatre Jubilations Dinner Theatre
Mama Mia

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Bus leaves Heritage Center at 5:15 pm (show approximately runs from 6:15pm – 9:45pm)
$51.25 + tax + gratuity = $63.04 total / person



Springbank Dancers
They had an amazing start to our season with some exciting events already...In September they started their children's, youth, and adult programs, honoured Orange Shirt Day, and had our Gratitude Week before Thanksgiving:
They pride themselves in having a very strong teaching team, but are also about "so much more than dance." With our Core Values of Growth, Positivity, Kindness, Equality, and Fun being the driving force behind what they do, care for their students as humans and individuals before dancers. 💜 
In November, registration for our New Year sessions open. Please reach out to Miss Mikki and she would be happy to forward program information and answer any questions you might have!
Also, did you know they run Adult Bootcamp, Barre, Dance, and Yoga classes!?! Reach out for a free trial!


Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre is yours to enjoy!
After an exciting and busy summer and fall, their last guided tour of the Sculpture Park was on a gorgeous sunny day at the end of October, just in time before nature decided it was winter! Regularly scheduled guided tours will resume again in the spring, but in the meantime, you are welcome to enjoy self-guided tours of the sculpture park: Thursdays - Sundays from 10am to 4pm. Your donations are most welcome and go toward support and upkeep of this unique art-in-nature destination.
Please also keep in mind that, depending on when you decide to visit and the weather conditions of any given day, there may be a fair amount of snow on the property and visitors must assume responsibility for their own safety. Dogs are allowed at the park but they must be leashed in order to protect the wildlife that moves through the corridor. We also kindly ask that dog owners clean up and remove any pet waste from the property.

October also saw an artist's reception celebrating the close of Sabine LeCorre-Moore's residency at KOAC, where she completed a five-year-long project called Painting Alberta. This exhibit will remain on display and is available for viewing through the end of this year. 

They also rounded out the fall with a lively 3-day visit from École Elbow Valley Elementary. Over those three days, a total of 111 grade-3 students had a blast at KOAC, where they roamed the fields among the large-scale sculptures and participated in art workshops with professional artists from KOAC's residency program (Patricia Lortie, Sabine LeCorre-Moore and James Ziegler). If you are interested in a field trip for your school, please contact them today!

Giving Tuesday is on the horizon, and they are looking forward to another robust fundraising campaign between now and the end of the year.  Subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates!



Springbank Curling Club

The extended summer was welcome, but they're getting weather now that makes it feel more like curling season.  The curling rink at Springbank has been buzzing with activity, and they’ve got more opportunities to play if you’re thinking about coming out to join!

They are excited to offer a Try-It Day on Saturday, December 3 to come out and try curling and see what all the noise is about.  This is a basic introduction to curling, they will have instructors to show you the ropes and curling equipment will be available for you to use.  They’ll follow the on-ice activities with a fabulous dinner in the Icebreaker Lounge to help you warm up and debrief after the lesson.

They are also excited to offer a curling clinic on January 8, 2023 for all ages and levels of experience.  This full day clinic includes on-ice and off-ice sessions focusing on delivery, sweeping, games, and strategy.

Drop-in Curling is available six Saturday nights this season, the next one is on Saturday December 10 at 7 pm.  This is an opportunity to try out the sport, play a regular game or try Mixed Pairs curling, and you don’t have to be a member of the curling club to participate. 

You can register now for any of these events.

The Ladies Bonspiel is coming up on January 13-15 and hope your team will join for this fun and competitive event. The entry fee is $290 per team which includes at least 3 games, cash and door prizes and dinner Saturday night (~7 PM).  This 24 team bonspiel will have A,B and C events with draws beginning on Friday night and finishing on Sunday afternoon.  They were full in 2022 so don't delay, Register your team now.

Curling is a great way to meet people and make friends while playing a sport you can play for a lifetime. Find out more!

Swamp Donkey Musical Theatre
Upcoming Performance:
Springbank Ladies Time-Out

Visit their Facebook page or email for more information!





We Remember Those Who Served

Those who served 1939-1945.
Chaps and Chinooks, Vol II, p. 647-653












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