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We keep seeing new signs of spring – it always seems like this is the toughest seasonal transition of the year. Keep praying for rain for the few farmers in the area!

Thanks to all who attended our AGM on May 4. Membership adopted updated bylaws and elected our Board slate of candidates. We welcome Ronda Rankin and Stu Pritchard to the Board and thank retiring member Simone Byers for her service. We wish her well in her many exciting projects! The Board looks forward to carrying on connecting the community and representing Springbank with all of the external forces in our area. We thank Division 1 councillor, Kevin Hanson, for attending the AGM.

We don’t have our usual Chaps and Chinooks feature this month as we are dedicating this issue to the gardeners of the area who optimistically plant and tend to flowers, trees and vegetables. The unofficial start to the season seems to be the May long weekend, so with this looming, we have provided content to help as gardening in our zone can be challenging.

Our 2nd Annual Raffle has kicked off to support the SCHS Drama Program. Head to our website to purchase tickets and see the great prizes from some amazing sponsors! Look as well for students selling tickets in your neighborhood.

Scroll to see various updates and activities ramping up in the community. SR1 and Ring Road construction challenges our community, but we continue to advocate for better communication with Alberta Transportation.

We also want to let friends of Bill Tajcnar know that a Celebration of Life reception will be held at the Springbank Heritage Club on June 18 at 2:00pm. Those wishing to attend, please reply by June 1 to Shirley at tajcnar@hotmail.com.





Community Raffle

Our second annual community raffle is underway!

The Springbank Community Association is pleased to partner with the Drama students at Springbank Community High School.  All proceeds will go to the drama program and to new programming within the community. Look for our amazing drama students in the community as they help to sell tickets!
Last year, we delivered a $15,000 cheque to the Robotics program at SCHS.

Only 1,000 tickets printed and are selling fast!  Purchase yours today!



Harry Kiyooka, co-founder of KOAC (Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre) on Springbank Road, passed away last month.  Harry and his wife, Katie Ohe brought their vision for a sculpture park and modern art destination to life here in Springbank.  Our deepest condolences to Katie. Read more.  



Spring Clean up for Kiyooka Ohe Sculpture Park

Come volunteer at Calgarys largest outdoor sculpture park. Located 15 minutes from downtown in Springbank, this non profit park has been created to honour monumental sculptures in a natural environment. This is an outdoor volunteer activity that requires you to be able to stand or kneel for periods of time. Snacks provided. 

Weekends of May 15 & 16 and May 28 & 29

9:00am - 12:00pm  

Family friendly!

Sign up today






We have asked Alberta Transportation for updates on the project but have not received any.  We are aware of a media announcement regarding construction - read here.

It appears the project now costs $744M (far above the $190M from when it was chosen in 2014). As recently as last year, the Alberta Government stated the project cost $432M.  We have been challenging the government’s numbers for quite some time so we are not surprised, but are certainly disappointed at the lack of transparency on the costs of the project as they escalated over the years. 

Rock View County has provided updates on road impacts, including the following:

  • Detour for bridge construction on Township Road 242 west of Highway 22. Motorists can expect minor days from mid-April 2022 to June 20, 2023. 

  • Detour for bridge construction on Highway 22 between Township Road 242 and Springbank Road. Motorists can expect minor days from mid-May 2022 to September 2023. 

The first Stakeholder Committee meeting for land use planning took place last month and the second meeting is May 25. We will continue to strongly advocate for good long-term planning of the SR1 lands.  Unfortunately, we have no visibility as to what the final footprint is of the acquired lands. For instance, we are unclear whether Kamp Kiwanis, which is apparently moving elsewhere, is now in government hands and if so, what is the future of that tremendous recreation infrastructure. 

Bow River Dam Process

The feasibility study is expected to run through the end of 2023 (which is a significant delay). An update was provided by AEP this month.


101st / Ring Road

No updates this month. Stay patient, everyone!


Thanks so much to Carla Berezowski and Alberta Indoor Comfort for providing support to the production of our newsletter.





Anyone else having trouble with the community recycling in Commercial Court? At our AGM, a resident recommended a pull through option as it is difficult to turn around.  Like this idea? Send us an email
or call Rocky View County at 403-230-1401.


Bingham Crossing & Costco Development Permit

A development permit application for the proposed Costco is being circulated at Rocky View County.  It appears that the application will go to the Municipal Planning Commission on May 25.  If you want to review the application, you must go in person to the County. If this seems like an arduous process, we agree.  Development Permits are not posted on the website (which is one example of how Rocky View County can improve their website).  Comments can be provided to development@rockyview.ca


Springbank Area Structure Plan

Public engagement closed May 13. Visit RVC website. The Community Association will be engaging further with the County and have participated in the various public forums hosted by the County.  We have identified several paths to improving public engagement on the ASP which we plan to share with Rocky View. 


Thanks so much to Kathleen Burk and RE/MAX for providing support to the production of our newsletter.





Discovery Corner Preschool



Springbank High School

Last month, Springbank Community High students and teachers entertained an intramural dodgeball tournament. Organized by the leadership class, staff and students formed teams and competed in a playoff-style dodgeball tournament during lunchtime before the spring-break. All students were invited to watch and had a great time watching their friends and teachers play dodgeball. In the end, a grade 12 team won having won their final match against a grade 10 team. In the final the crowd was entertained by a performance from the Rock Band Class. 

This month, our high school’s Drama Program is hosting a performance of “One Acts” from May 25-27 at 7:00pm. Both the high school and middle school are combining to create a festival! The High School's show, entitled “The Last Illusion” is based on the story of magician Harry Houdini. The performance will feature a series of magic tricks and the cast is looking forward to showing off their new skills. For anyone interested in further supporting the Drama program and all of their wonderful performances, the Springbank Community Association is once again hosting its raffle and this year’s proceeds are going toward the Drama program so they can continue to have these performances.

Lastly, with the arrival of spring, track and field is starting up. Students have been practicing and training for their first meet at the Foothills track. The team is looking forward to the first opportunity of the season to test out their skills after a long winter. Best of luck to the track team!



Webber Academy Athletic Park Update

Construction is well underway for the Webber Academy Athletic Park located in Springbank, Alberta, at the west end of Lower Springbank Road and RR 32. The athletic park will feature four baseball fields, which will vary in size to allow athletes of all ages to utilize the facility and accommodate fastball on three of the four fields. Fields 1 and 2 will feature entirely artificial turfed fields, which will extend the outdoor season by many weeks during the year. A soccer pitch and indoor training facility are also in the plans for the park construction.

The 50,000 square foot, two-storey, multi-purpose indoor recreation facility will include food and beverage service in the ground level concession and second-floor bar/restaurant and banquet area. Gym space, meeting/classrooms, cross-training studio, batting cages and an artificially turfed field are also included in the indoor facility, which is anticipated to open in October, 2022. 

Field 1 Is now near to completion, and regular Wildcats Baseball practices and games are currently taking place. The Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy will be hosting a Showcase Tryout Camp on this field on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Once the facility is near completion, more information on camps, clinics, training programs and facility rentals will be posted on their website and social media platforms. For more information and updates, visit wildcatsbaseball.ca or webberacademy.ca.





Spring is always a busy time for Trustees and this year is no exception.  We are in the process of developing the budget for next year, planning for new curriculum implementation and developing a strategic plan.

Curriculum Update

The province has approved implementation of the K-3 curriculum for Mathematics, English Language Arts and Literature, and K-6 Physical Education & Wellness.  The Government has allocated $17.7 million dollars across the province on a per student allocation for purchase/development of learning resources.  Another $20 million dollars has been allocated to teacher professional learning and collaboration. The province has retained $14.4 million dollars for purchase of licenses and to develop resources for use province-wide. Of that total, $3.5 million is specific to French resources. RVS has set aside additional dollars to curriculum implementation.  Read for more information.

The organizational structure of the curriculum has changed. Within each subject there are organizing ideas, related guiding questions, learning outcomes, key knowledge and understandings, skills, and procedures to be mastered. 

RVS staff is working now to update the power school outcomes to match the new curriculum.  This is a significant undertaking.

With thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Education, Alberta teachers, their students, and families at home, now have access to MindFuel’s Wonderville program free of charge from April 1, 2022, until March 31, 2023. Access your free membership by signing up now.

Urgent Need for Student Space

With growth in the communities of Airdrie, Cochrane and Chestermere, the Rocky View School division is desperate for new schools.  The last funding cycle saw the approval of a new high school in Langdon which is breaking ground this year for completion in 2025. Cochrane received an addition approval for Bow Valley high school in 2021 which presently sits at 100% utilization.  No new schools for Airdrie or Cochrane.

At cheaper alternative is to use portables.  The Board requested 18 portables this Capital Plan cycle and received zero. As a result, we will be moving, at RVS expense, eight (8) portables from one school to another only to have to move them back later.

Funding Update

Total funding for RVS in 2022/23 will be $244.1 million, compared with $236.8 million in 2021/22. This represents an overall increase of $7.3 million. The total funding amount for 2022/23 has been reduced by $2.4 million due to the funding adjustment for lower-than-expected enrolment in 2021/22. However, since this funding adjustment will be accounted for as a reduction in revenue for 2012/22, the net funding available for 2022/23 will be $246.5 million representing a net increase of $9.7 million.  The funding increase is due to an overall increase of 1%, the government uses a three-year rolling average to calculate student dollar allocation.  For growing boards like RVS, this impact is we are not fully funded for student growth. There is also a 4.6% increase in the transportation budget – to help cover anticipated rising fuel and insurance costs.

Strategic Plan Development

The Board is embarking on development of a strategic plan. Our purpose is to connect with all students to ensure that everyone learns, belongs, and succeeds. We believe this is a shared responsibility that requires engagement and strong partnerships with parents/guardians and all stakeholders. Parents have received the survey.

We look forward to warmer days and plenty of outdoor activities over the next few months.



The Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh is an international youth self-paced, self-development program open to youth 14-25 years of age.  Last year, we started with four participants and have grown to 23!  We would also like to acknowledge the addition of Kathleen Burk and Shelle Longeway as volunteers with the program.  This program is sponsored by the Springbank Community Association.

As part of their program, participants must complete hours of community service.  The remaining Friday afternoons are May 13 and May 20 where participants are hosting a free Lego challenge drop-in for kids aged 6-12 from 4:00-6:00pm, at the Springbank Equestrian Center on lower Springbank Rd. 

Participants from the April 29 event

Students also hosted a series of stargazing evenings in March, unfortunately all but one evening was cloudy.  The event was well attended, and a local resident brought his fantastic home-made telescope.  The group plans to host more stargazing events in October when it gets dark earlier.  Thank you to Westlife Church for their support and involvement.

We are in the middle of planning our adventure journey outings.  May 27-29 participants will enjoy a 2-night backcountry experience in Nordegg.  June 27-29 a Red Deer River canoe trip is planned!

If your child is interested, please contact Judi Hunter.







Springbank Dancers

Springbank Dancers has had an incredible season! They have many classes running at their beautiful studio in the Springbank Commercial District, as well as at the Bragg Creek Community Centre and at Springbank Cottage Childcare.  Highlights of the last couple of months have included their Competitors performing at multiple events, Bottle Drive Fundraiser, a surprise guest at Easter, and they are gearing up for the special Lilac Festival Performance, "Spirit Week," and year end Recitals!!  Adult Fitness & Yoga classes are also ongoing.


The Swamp Donkey 50/50 Fundraiser Raffle is on now!  Tickets are available for purchase.  Proceeds from the sale of 50/50 tickets support the musical theatre education programs and performances.   The society is run by volunteers.   Please consider purchasing tickets to help them keep producing musical theatre in Bragg Creek! 




Creating a new flower or tree/ shrub bed?

Tips on how to break it down:
1. Plan first! Measure twice and cut once.  Sometimes you have to put your foot to the pavement and tree shopping is one of those times.  This will give you a chance to explore all of your tree options and will give you the opportunity to speak with the experts.  
2. Think long term! Trees grow! Your woodies require water for the first two years, after that they may require infrequent hand watering or none at all.  Is that irrigation really necessary?
3.  Mulch or Landscape fabric? That's an easy one, mulch!  Mulch will break down and offer nutrients into the soil, retains moisture levels, insulates the root system and looks & smells pretty.  Landscape fabric will over time compact your soils, inhibit the access of organics to actually reach to soil and will stop the mulch from nestling into place.
4. What tree works in really wet conditions? None do!  Some have higher tolerance levels to moisture, however all trees and shrubs require a chance to "dry out" in between waterings.  Build the area up with a combination of compost and good quality top soil.  This will take the root system out of a potentially pooling situation, it'll also raise the grade giving you a little extra height out of that tree - one of my favourite landscape tricks!
 Lindsey SonntagThe Bow Point Nursery Team
 244034 Range Road 32, Springbank

The Springbank Community Garden

The Springbank Community Garden, located at the Springbank Park For All Seasons (SPFAS), is truly the product of a collective community effort. With the garden design and plenty of growing advice from members of the Springbank Garden Club, the enriched garden soil generously donated by the Bark Mulch Depot, and seeds donated from the community, the garden was off to a great start.

Each year, the garden is brought to life by dedicated community residents that spend countless volunteer hours planting, watering, and nurturing it in efforts to donate the bounty to local food banks. If you or your family would like to help with the community garden please reach out to the SPFAS at springbankpark@springbankpark.com.


Green Thumbs Wanted!

24th ANNUAL 

Do you like to dig in the dirt, plant a seed and watch  what you can grow? Are you between the ages of 4-14? Then you can enter the Springbank Junior Gardener Program. You will receive a seed kit including assorted flowers, vegetables and herbs for you to plant.

The seed kits are $8.00 per child  and will be delivered to you at school near the third week of May in time for planting. Your garden will be visited some time during August.  (Prizes will be available for pick up at the Springbank Garden Club booth at the Fall Fair for those that maintained a garden). You can also  enter your flowers and vegetables in the Springbank Fall Fair in September for a chance to win more prizes and ribbons!

The Springbank Garden Club would like to thank Rockyview Agriculture and Environmental Services,  T&T Seeds and Mckenzie Seeds for their generous contributions.

Deadline to enter: May 16, 2022  
Forms and fees (etransfer only) email Susan to susan@iraschko.net.


The Ladies of WestLife church had a fun evening led by a member of the Gardening Club - Tips on how to Grow a Herb Garden!

The Springbank Gardening Club is getting ready to reconvene after a long two years! For more information on meetings and the club, please contact Barb Smith at bdsweetsmith@gmail.com.












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